During the latest State of the Game broadcast, Ubisoft announces a compensation plan for players due to some of the bugs and performance issues found in The Division.

It has been a busy seven days for Tom Clancy’s The Division, after the first major post launch content arrived in the April Update. While the game received an influx of content and new features like supply drops in the Dark Zone, an unfortunate side effect from the patch also resulted in a number of bugs and performance issue for players. To make up for those issues, Ubisoft announced a new plan to give back to the community in an effort to apologize.

In the April 16 edition of the weekly State of the Game broadcast on Twitch, community developer Hamish Bode announced that the company is planning to compensate players who were affected by the backpack glitch or the now infamous missing characters glitch. For their troubles, Ubisoft is rewarding 500 Phoenix Credits to those players along with 10 pieces of each high-end crafting materials including Division Tech.

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Not only that, Ubisoft is planning on rewarding the entire community with 150 Phoenix Credits just for logging in this coming weekend. This move is in response to the recent Daily and Challenging Missions bug, which resulted in Ubisoft completely removing them from the game prior to the April 12 update.

The news comes on the heels of the now controversial glitch issue pertaining to the new Falcon Lost incursion mission, which was added last week as part of the April update for The Division. After an exploit was discovered that allows players to glitch through the difficult mission, a Ubisoft community manager revealed that the company was looking into ways to punish those who took advantage of the exploit in order to easily beat the mission and grab the rewards.

While the glitch has since been patched out of existence, the potential punishment news did not sit well with most fans, as community members on Reddit voiced their frustrations with many believing that they were acting within the confines of the code that they were given from Ubisoft, broken or not. Others feel that even though broken code was released, players shouldn’t violate the agreement between players and the studio. The debate struck internally here at Game Rant as well, with two members of our team making strong cases for both sides of the argument.

Have you been affected by any of these bugs or glitches since the update hit? Are you glad Ubisoft is planning on rewarding the community for these problems and do you think the apology is enough for the troubles? Let us know your thoughts below in the comments.

Tom Clancy’s The Division is available now on Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and PC.

Source: The Division Twitch Channel