Will The Division's Free Expansions Continue the Story?


During a livestream event yesterday celebrating the one-year launch anniversary of Tom Clancy’s The Division, the team at Massive revealed some details about two upcoming free DLCs for the cover-based shooter. During the livestream, the group discussed a handful of new activities for The Division and hinted that the developer may continue the storyline with the second free expansion.

This falls in line with what The Division creative director Julian Gerighty told Game Rant previously about the game’s story. According to Gerighty, the team at Massive is very sensitive to the fact that fans of The Division are very passionate about the game’s storyline, especially when it comes to one of the focal characters, Aaron Keener. When asked about Keener during an interview, Gerighty said this:

“I know he is very, very important to the community. The story of the game captured a lot of people’s imaginations so it’s definitely something we have our eyes on.”

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While that statement certainly doesn’t confirm that Massive is planning to extend the story for The Division, it at least gives hope to players that the developer hears their requests.

It’s already well known that the first free expansion, which is set to launch this summer, will focus on reimagining the content already available in The Division. Massive is planning to conduct “seasons” where players will be tasked with completing certain activities already available in the game, albeit with challenging modifiers to enhance the experience. The developer also revealed that it will be bringing new additions like loadouts and a new vanity slot where players can show off their accomplishments in the game.

News that there may not be any new areas to explore or missions to complete hit a lot of The Division players hard. That said, Massive did leave the door open for potential new story content in the second free expansion, which will likely arrive sometime late this year.


Unfortunately, any story expansions that late in the year may be too little too late as The Division will be facing some stiff competition as the year rolls on, especially with Destiny 2. However, like has been seen with games in the last couple years, if Massive can provide high-quality content that meets players’ expectations, new content later this year could be enough to get gamers back into The Division.

In the meantime, it’s nice to know that Massive understands the community’s passion for The Division’s story and will hopefully match that passion with fresh, new content during Year 2.

Tom Clancy’s The Division is currently available on PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One.

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