The latest public test server update for Tom Clancy’s The Division fixes an issue with an overpowered weapon set, adds the Last Stand PvP game mode, and more.

The latest Public Test Server (PTS) kicked off last week for Tom Clancy’s The Division, giving PC gamers a chance to try out the upcoming Update 1.6 before it launches for all platforms in the coming weeks. Once the PTS for Update 1.6 went live, it didn’t take long for players to discover the latest overpowered weapon setup that gave many a significant advantage over other players in The Division.

That overpowered setup, which was due to a glitch in the way the Hildr and Eir weapon pair worked, has now been corrected. Developer Massive launched the second PTS server the The Division’s Update 1.6 yesterday, along with a healthy set of change to the game’s offerings. Among the changes were the fix to the Hildr and Eir and the addition of The Last Stand PvP game mode, part of the The Division’s third expansion set to launch with Update 1.6 for Season Pass holders or those who purchase the expansion.

The change to Hildr and Eir was crucial for Massive as it greatly hampered players’ ability to test other aspects of the game. While some PC players in The Division’s PTS were anxious to try different builds and game modes in an effort to test the patch and provide feedback, others stuck to the overpowered weapon set and wreaked havoc in the Dark Zone, The Division’s PvP space.

division hildr and eir

More PvE-focused players also used the broken weapon set to sail through the new hardcore “Legendary” mission difficulties and the new Stolen Signal incursion. Using the weapons’ overpowered capabilities, players were able to mow down the game’s toughest enemies in a second.

Hopefully the fix to the Hildr and Eir will allow The Division players a more balanced experience in the coming weeks, which in turn will allow Massive to better judge what updates are needed before Update 1.6 launches to the entire player base. At the moment, things seem to be working much smoother.

The fix to the overpowered weapon set came just in time for Massive to open up Last Stand to PTS players. The new PvP game mode will give The Division players a new, objective-based opportunity for PvP action. With Last Stand, players will work together in a team of eight to capture three points around a small map, and hold those points from the enemy.

division last stand

To keep Last Stand battles fair, Massive is normalizing gear and weapons for all players, allowing only small variations in player sets for individuality. This is an aspect of PvP many in The Division community have been requesting for some time. Since this is the first time Massive is attempting normalized gear in The Division, players should expect some tweaks in the coming weeks of the PTS.

The official Patch Notes for PTS week 2 offer the full list of changes currently available in The Division PTS for PC players. Additional changes are expected soon.

What do you think about the fixes and additions to The Division? Have you been playing in the PTS?

Tom Clancy’s The Division is currently available for PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One.