Ubisoft confirms via their weekly state of the game address, that the first update for The Division launches next week on all platforms though no details were given.

In a move that somewhat echoes what Bungie does for its shared world shooter Destiny every Thursday, Ubisoft has released the inaugural state of the game address for The Division. This weekly update is intended to keep the player base up to date with the latest information from upcoming additions or changes to some community based content that the studio feels players might enjoy taking a look at.

This week does include some player made videos showing off various Ubisoft easter eggs and machinima skills, but the big news is that the first major update for the game next week. While the post doesn’t go into any meaningful detail as to what players can expect to see inside of the update, it does confirm that the update will be releasing next week and that details will be arriving very soon.

the division video dynamic missions gameplay

It is probably safe to assume that this update won’t have a big content drop for players as the first known content update is scheduled to arrive sometime in April thanks to a downloadable content video from Ubisoft. April is set to introduce new end game content called Incursions to those players who have reached the level cap followed by a Dark Zone update in May then the first major expansion in June. Still, players shouldn’t be surprised if new cosmetic DLC was patched in through this first update which could also be similar to what gamers saw on day one with the Marine Forces and the Military Specialists Outfits pack.

For an online focused experience, The Division had a pretty smooth launch with only a small few bumps in the road which were patched out fairly quickly. With that said, there are a few exploits left in the game which need to be addressed along side some minor nagging server based issues that players have been occasionally seeing. With High-End gear drop rates rumored to have been nerfed, it’s entirely possible that Ubisoft Massive will also set out to provide more transparency with how those rates actually work.

Are you still enjoying The Division or have you moved on until the first major April content launches? What would you like to see Ubisoft Massive fix with the game? Let us know in the comments below.

Tom Clancy’s The Division is out now for PC, Xbox One, and PlayStation 4.

Source: The Division News Page