Tom Clancy’s The Division Global Events have finally arrived. Global Events in Ubisoft Massive’s third-person shooter offer players new modifiers to change the difficulty, and include classified gear sets to encourage players to dive in. The first Global Event is called Outbreak, and it is now live on the Public Test Server.

The Outbreak event will include three classified gear sets, three different weapon skins, and one set of vanity gear. The Global Event will also include some modifiers to increase the challenge for players and their potential rewards. Players who take part in Outbreak will be facing off against factions infected with the virus, making them extremely contagious and most susceptible to damage from headshots. Special commendations and tokens are also available to players of The Division‘s first Global Event.


The launch of The Division’s first Global Event should be a welcome addition to the game, as it offers players new challenges and powerful upgrades to their character. The classified gear sets available in Outbreak incorporate more bonuses than typical gear sets, giving players the ability to enhance their abilities more than normal.

Since classified gear sets start with minimum stats higher than the highest levels of past gear, it’s also a guarantee that they are better than old equipment players have. The modifiers should also add an element of fun for players who enjoy a challenge. Past modifiers like “Fog of War” and “Waste Not Want Not” have forced players to be more aware of their surroundings and mind their ammo.

Outbreak may be enough to excite loyal fans of The Division, as it offers special gear and challenges for players, with modifiers that can even be applied throughout the game’s content. For others, it could appear to just be more opportunity to grind for gear that makes future grinding easier. Whether the Outbreak Global Event will actually find fun ways to increase the challenge of the game and offer new experiences will be for players to determine. It’s at least a good sign that Ubisoft still has plans to support the game this long after its release in 2016.

Tom Clancy’s The Division is available now for PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One.

Source: Reddit