Find out how to farm high-end weapons in The Division with this helpful Tom Clancy’s The Division guide, but it requires access to a late-game mission.

Tom Clancy’s The Division has smashed Ubisoft day one sales records for any of its intellectual properties, and the virtual streets of New York are seemingly teeming with agents who are attempting to get the pandemic-stricken social hierarchy of New York City back on its feet. This is task made easier once gamers are able to secure stronger weapons, and getting high-end equipment in The Division is a surefire way to make things easier both inside the Dark Zone and out.

With The Division being less than a week old, there’s evidently still some balancing to be done in regards to each weapon, but we’ve discovered a surefire way for players to keep farming high-end items. To do this, players will need to repeatedly tackle a late-game mission, so those just starting out will have to put in at least a day’s worth of work in order to start farming with this method.

Without further ado, let’s take a look at the two-step system to farming high-end weapons:

Raise The Difficulty

The first step in triggering better drops is to square off against high level opponents. Each story mission in the game comes with three tiers of difficulty (Normal, Hard, and Challenging), the last two of which require the player to be at a minimum level to unlock. Each extra tier of difficulty will bring enemies with better armor and weapons, but it also means there’s a higher chance that the player will get some solid loot when they managed to beat the mission. Plus, this will help players level up faster, which will make repeating the mission easier in the long run.

the division ubisoft player collision workaround

Play the General Assembly Mission

For those who may not be there yet, the General Assembly mission is part of the end-game content that pits players against Lieutenant Colonel Charles Bliss of the Last Man Battalion. It’s a firefight-intensive mission which has players clearing a building full of high level enemies, taking down Bliss himself, and performing a hostage rescue. Finishing this mission seems to consistently provide players with one high-end weapon drop, though those playing with others online should be aware that it seems to be dolled out randomly to one lucky member of the squad’s roster.

This is one of the last missions of the game, and players beating the mission for the first time will receive an end game content prompt upon its completion.

While it’s possible to find high-end weapons elsewhere, the General Assembly mission consistently produces them each time the mission is replayed, making it the current go-to method of farming the high-ends. Alternatively, players can spend some hard-earned money at Dark Zone Vendors, and some other vendors even sell weapons like the Caduceus Rifle and the Cassidy Shotgun.

We’ve also made some handy guides on how to earn and use Phoenix Credits, how to unlock daily missions, and we’ve also made a video about leveling up quickly. Since the General Assembly mission involves some of the game’s toughest battles (players will have to square off against an attack helicopter at one point), we’d highly recommend ranking up as much as possible before attempting the mission.

We’ll keep you posted as more great The Division strategies become prevalent.

Tom Clancy’s The Division is available now for Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and PC.