Ubisoft releases a video which shows off the three enemy factions that will be present in The Division: The Cleaners, The Rikers, and the Last Man Battalion.

With less than a month to go until The Division is due to drop, Ubisoft is ramping up the hype with plenty of content that details what life is like in New York City after society succumbs to a devastating pandemic. It’s clear that Ubisoft has big plans for The Division, but in order for the game to be a success, the title has to have both an interesting story and compelling enemies inhabiting the game at launch.

It was just announced that The Division will be getting an open beta later this month, so gamers interested in trying it out will have a full weekend to explore the bloodied streets of Mid-Manhattan. In the meantime, the studio has released a new promotional video which details all three of the main factions players will encounter throughout the game.

Fans can take a look at the video below, which gives a brief synopsis of each hostile group players will find themselves up in arms against:

The video shows a somewhat horrifying example of The Cleaners, a faction of misguided citizens who believe the only way to truly eradicate the virus is to burn the city to the ground. Donning hazmat suits and flamethrowers, they go about burning everything from rubbish to people. Players will find them roaming around the city performing their gruesome task, and they will undoubtedly serve as a death sentence in close-quarters combat.

Following them is the Rikers, a group who’s name stems from the real-life Rikers Island Prison. The group is composed of convicts who overran the jail and vowed never to succumb to the law’s authority again. They enjoy taking selfies as they murder former police officers, and it’s rumored that one of the late-game raids will take place on their home turf.

As previously explained, the third and final enemy faction is the Last Man Battalion. The group is composed of a private military force which were in New York to protect high value civilian assets when the viral outbreak occurred. Well-equipped and highly-trained, the Last Man Battalion will likely represent the most difficult of all three enemy factions, and the above video provides the first in-game glimpse at lieutenant colonel Charles Bliss, who was confirmed as the faction’s violent leader in the closed beta.

What do you think about the factions, Ranters? Which one is the most interesting to you?

Tom Clancy’s The Division is due on March 8th, 2016, for PC, Xbox One, and PS4.

Source: YouTube