The Division is setting its sights on Destiny, the other big console shared world shooter, and its developer Massive says their game has some key differences to set itself apart.

Ubisoft’s next big game set to release in 2016 is The Division. Some gamers have already whet their appetites for the game when they played it in December during a closed Alpha on Xbox One. One thing is sure, the hype online is high as many believe this massively multiplayer online shooter could be the next big thing. But The Division could have some stiff competition from the other console MMO shooter, Destiny.

In a recent interview, The Division‘s IP Director Martin Hultberg acknowledges the similarities between Bungie’s hugely popular Destiny and The Division, but says there are some concrete things that set The Division apart from the sci-fi shooter.

“The fact that our scenario is grounded in reality, an actual ‘what if’ scenario, sets us apart from most other games. We have no aliens, no zombies or strange monsters running about. The Division is based on a real threat, a clear and present danger to our society.”

In contrast to Destiny‘s mythic science fiction setting of a world hundreds of years in the future that spans a fantasy version of the solar system filled with space wizards, rogues, and knights, The Division takes place in modern day New York City after a virus has wiped out a good portion of the world’s population.

The Division Agent

Hultberg is hoping that people’s fascination with grounded threats and easily imaginable disasters will pull them into playing The Division.

“Mankind has always been fascinated by disasters and the end times, since as far back as we have recorded history. [The end] is in religious texts, it is told as legends… Severe disasters are historic fact and there are countless books on the subject. Humans are set apart from other animals in that we can see patterns over time, we can speculate and we can theorise. It is probably part of human nature – to speculate on the subject of our own demise.”

Bungie has always said Destiny‘s universe is a hopeful place with the promise that Guardians can fight back the Darkness and reclaim the worlds humans lost. The Division on the other hand is taking a gritty, almost self-reflective or critical perspective of the world, as agents scavenge and fight over a decimated New York.

The two shared world shooters are bound to be compared to one another, as they are both loot-driven and offer many styles of play from PvE to PvP. Interestingly, The Division promises seamless transitions between activities – “This means no lobbies or menus. It is just one unbroken experience once you start the game,” says Hultberg. This is something many players expected from Destiny before it launched, but discovered that the game’s activities were split up and accessed through a menu system called The Director.

The Division is clearly gunning to dethrone Destiny, but gamers will have to wait until March to see how the battle between the two games pans out.

Are you excited for The Division? Do you think it could be more popular than Destiny?

The Division launches March 8, 2016 for Xbox One and PlayStation 4.

Source: GamesTM