The Division Developer Wants to Improve the Dark Zone

After experiencing a bit of a lull in its player base since the most recent update, Tom Clancy’s The Division received a massive boost thanks to this weekend’s free play event on all platforms. Now, Ubisoft is seeking feedback from players about their experience in The Division’s Dark Zone via a new survey.

The survey, which was shared on Ubisoft’s forums for The Division, delves into what players like and dislike most about the Dark Zone, and looks to gather some intel from players on what could make the unique PvP arena better. The survey doesn’t take long to complete, and is meant for those who “regularly play the Dark Zone”.

It’s not surprising to see Ubisoft continue its efforts to better understand how The Division players experience the Dark Zone. Since The Division’s release last year, the Dark Zone has been a topic of many discussions and arguments online. In fact, rarely a days goes by that The Division’s subreddit has at least one or two Dark Zone-themed discussion threads near the top of the front page.

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The new survey asks general questions about The Division players, including what platform they’re on, how much time they’ve spent in The Division, and how often they play in the Dark Zone. Once gamers get through these simple questions, they’ll get to the heart of the survey: what player experience is like in the Dark Zone, and what do players like and dislike most about it?

The survey asks a couple questions about the Dark Zone that may be telling about Ubisoft and Massive Entertainment’s vision for the future of The Division. One question asks about how often players play solo in the Dark Zone, which has been its own hot topic for months. Many players have felt that attempting the Dark Zone solo is meaningless, since it’s easy to get jumped by large groups of players. Since the Dark Zone is fairly balanced with weapon damage and armor strength, who wins a gun battle is usually determined by how many players are fighting each other.

There have been many calls from The Division fans for a solo queue Dark Zone to combat the “rogue ganking” situation that is discussed frequently online. Ubisoft and Massive have yet to officially decide on that matter, though it wouldn’t be surprising to see it added considering how much demand has been made for a solo Dark Zone.

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The survey also asks numerous questions about the rogue and manhunt mechanics. The whole rogue system is what makes the Dark Zone what it is, and what really makes it a unique offering in the midst of so many PvP multiplayer shooters. That said, gamers have had very different views about the balance and fairness of the rogue mechanic in The Division’s Dark Zone.

With this survey coming out now, it’s likely Ubisoft and Massive are simply on a fact-finding mission to learn more about the Dark Zone in preparation for updates coming later this year. At the moment, The Division is in its third week of PTS on PC, where gamers are testing out the upcoming Loadout feature, along with a handful of minor changes and bug fixes.

Massive announced early this year that it will release at least two free updates this year for The Division, and provided a few details about what is set to come in the first update, which is scheduled for later this summer. The second free update, which won’t arrive until this winter, may include Dark Zone updates per the current survey. Of course, that’s just speculation until it’s officially announced or confirmed by either the publisher or developer.


The good news for The Division players is that Ubisoft seems to still believe in the game, and is continuing to receive feedback and make plans for its ongoing success. While some gamers have deserted the title, thousands have stuck around and continue to play on a regular basis. It’ll be interesting to see what the developer has planned for The Division in the coming months.

Tom Clancy’s The Division is currently available on PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One.

Source: Ubisoft

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