A fan of The Division drafts out a map which shows the best Dark Zone path to take when one wants to farm contaminated loot drops while leveling up quickly.

The Division has rocketed off to a great start, though many fans are still getting acclimated to the harsh PVP territories within the game that are called Dark Zones. In The Division, these zones not only present challenging computer-controlled enemies to the players, but also allow PVP combat so agents can contest loot drops, allowing them to escape with valuable high-end weaponry.

Aside of the human element, the computer-based boss battles within the Dark Zones can be pretty tough too, and defeating harder enemies allows players to quickly collect Phoenix Credits, an end-game currency which can be used to purchase powerful equipment. These credit drops may have been nerfed, but leveling up in the Dark Zone is still a necessity, and, as it turns out, there’s faster ways of doing it than trotting around the streets of Manhattan aimlessly.

A Redditor named Sairal has found a great way to quickly rank up in the Dark Zone by following a preset path and repeatedly tackling the same fights. This method involves DZ01, and Sairal has drafted a quick map which shows the best route to take, which spans a small 3 block radius. There’s several enemy spawn points and a contaminated zone within the same looping path, so players should be able to quickly rank up while still gathering some loot to show for their efforts.

Click the image below to bring up the full scale map provided by Sairal:

The Division Dark Zone Farming

Please note that the ‘9’ Sairal wrote is intended to be an ‘8’. He clearly wanted to get this information up and out there as soon as possible, and made a few typos as well – still, the information itself is solid, and gamers looking to level up as quickly as possible should certainly give this route a try. It’s worth noting that the two ‘x’ spots on the map are Dark Zone chests which spawn on occasion, so it may be worth straying off the path a little bit to see if the crates have spawned.

Once players enter Dark Zone 01 and reach the eastern extraction point, they should make way south to the nearest intersection, and then bear west until they discover an alley across the road that should spawn some enemies. At the end of this alley, there’s a potential boss fight, although this doesn’t always happen. From there, players hang a right until they reach the next main road, which spawns a small patrol, and after that they should take another right and keep on going past another patrol which may appear. Two blocks up is a blockade, which should feature another boss fight. East of this is an underground contaminated zone which should have some loot, and then players should make haste with their recently acquired goodies and extract at at the extraction point they started from.

It’s a pretty efficient route with lots of action packed into the roads, so players should come equipped for a good fight. Sairal recommends this route for solo players, so those who may not have a squad to watch their back while exploring the Dark Zone should certainly try this route, though it’s always good to be wary of any other agents in the Dark Zone – especially during the extraction process.

Tom Clancy’s The Division is currently available for PC, Xbox One, and PS4.

Source: Reddit