The 1.2 update for The Division will make an important change to the game’s Dark Zone, as per information shared in a State of the Game stream earlier today.

One of the biggest selling points of The Division is its Dark Zone mechanic, stipulated areas where players are able to double-cross one another in the pursuit of better gear and weaponry. Now, Ubisoft has announced a tweak to this element of the game that might make it a little easier to hang on to your inventory.

The upcoming 1.2 update for The Division will apparently add stashes to checkpoints located within the limits of the Dark Zone. This means that players will be able to manage their inventory without leaving the area beforehand.

Previously, the easiest way to access the stash from the Dark Zone was to leave the area on foot, then fast travel to the Base of Operations and check it from there. This change will remove some of the peril, and much of the time it takes to make the journey.

This should cut down on frustration for players, as previously it was easy to fill your stash and be unable to remedy the situation from the Dark Zone. If there was no more room in the stash, the items the player was attempting to extract would be destroyed.


Now, there’s a way to manage your inventory from within the Dark Zone, so situations like this one shouldn’t arise — so long as you can make it to a checkpoint.

The risk and reward of the Dark Zone is a crucial part of the endgame that Massive Entertainment has crafted for The Division. This tweak keeps that tension intact, but removes the capacity for players to feel like they’re backed into a corner simply because they didn’t check the status of their stash when they had the opportunity.

The Division has suffered from an influx of cheaters since its incredibly successful launch back in March, but it’s obvious that Ubisoft is going to offer extensive post-launch support to try get the game on track. It’s worth remembering that it took plenty of patches before Destiny hit its stride, too.

The imminent 1.2 update will be a make-or-break test for The Division — but there’s every indication that the content drop is what players are looking for. Between a new incursion, lots of new gear, smart tweaks like this one and the rest of the package, the patch should bring plenty of players back to the game.

The Division is available now for PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC.

Source: Reddit