The beta for The Division may be nearing its close, but a YouTuber shows off what may be the most overpowered location in all of the beta’s dark zones.

Ubisoft must know they already have a hit on their hands with The Division, which currently has a beta overflowing with users. The developers for The Division tried to start everyone out on the same foot by showing off a tips and tricks video, but whenever a multiplayer component is involved, most players will immediately try to seek out things that will give them the biggest advantage in a firefight. One player believes he has found the best spot to ambush unwary extraction-seekers in The Division, with a location that is almost impenetrable.

The dark zones in The Division have already witnessed plenty of dramatic showdowns between players, and as agents become familiar with the portion of the game’s gigantic map that was made available for the beta, the best spots to ambush other squads have quickly become apparent. A YouTuber named Charionna has given an overview on what appears to be the best ambush spot in the entire game, which offers high-ground over an extraction zone and essentially only one point of entry.

Take a look at the video below to get a feel for the spot, which has already claimed many lives in the current beta:

Thankfully Twitch streamer Charionna is a man of justice, and as the above video demonstrates, he’s also discovered a way to beat the supposedly impenetrable spot near the top-left extraction point. By taking advantage of a stoop which lets players avoid the 10 second time-out for leaving the beta area, it’s possible for players to sneak up behind anyone camping out in the over-powered defensive rooftop.

Despite the secret backdoor drawback, the location still looks like it’s the cream of the crop for The Division players to gain the upper hand on anyone attempt to extract on the streets below. Unfortunately, it looks like those playing the beta from the PC have already encountered hackers utilizing unlimited health and ammunition, which means absolutely nowhere would be safe when facing up against them.

The beta for The Division is scheduled to end on February 2nd, so those looking to take advantage of the spot while it still has maximum coverage should waste little time in doing so. Once the full game is released, that spot won’t be protected by an invisible beta barrier, and the rooftop will become a much more vulnerable place.

The Division is currently slated for release on March 8th, 2016, for PC, Xbox One, and PS4.

Source: YouTube