A skillful solo gamer pulls off an impressive feat in The Division beta, managing to survive and take down an enemy team of three players in the Dark Zone.

The Division beta has only been accessible since January 28th, but some players have already committed some legendary deeds in that short time. One such player went into a Dark Zone alone and managed to survive an onslaught of three enemy players at once.

The player in question, FaTaLiiTty, trekked down into the Dark Zone all on his lonesome. While the Dark Zone has enough AI enemies to be a threat to a single player alone, it’s also the sole PvP area in The Division. As such, FaTaLiiTty quickly encounters three enemy players that must have seen him as an easy target, but the trio didn’t have any idea what they were getting themselves into.

The video, seen below, replays the encounter between FaTaLiiTty and his three opponents. In just under half a minute, FaTaLiiTty finishes off all three of them, and rakes in the loot, collecting base Dark Zone funds for the kills, as well as their bounties and keys.

Dark Zones are unique in The Division, as the rest of the game is focused on PvE. Dark Zones not only for allow PvP, but they reward or punish players depending on their actions towards other human players in the area. Gamers who open fire on other players in the Dark Zone are marked as an enemy by all nearby players, and an extra bounty is rewarded to gamers who bring them down. If an aggressive player with a bounty on their head is defeated, they’re penalized fairly heavily, losing a portion of their Dark Zone funds and keys, which can be used to open Dark Zone chests.

While some players are polishing their skills in The Division beta, many others are unfortunately being left out. Due to massive demand, Ubisoft had to place limits on beta access to The Division, and they’ve already stated that gamers on the wait list may not make it in at all. Sadly, the beta will end on Sunday, meaning many players won’t get a chance to even try out the game, let alone develop their skills to the level shown in the above video.

With a little luck, Ubisoft will continue to squash The Division‘s bugs and they’ll refrain from making the same mistakes that Destiny made. With impressions of the beta being primarily good, The Division should make for an entertaining and challenging experience once the game is complete – hopefully without any further delays.

The Division is set to release on March 8th for PC, PS4, and Xbox One.

Source: XboxClips