The Division Developer Hints at Changes for Next Update


After launching update 16 and the final paid expansion known as Last Stand back in February, Massive Entertainment provided a sign of relief to the community when they announced to continue support for The Division well into 2017. In the latest State of the Game live stream, the team at Massive revealed some upcoming changes to the game in the next server/client patch.

While Massive is generally happy with the changes made in Update 1.6, the developer is taking a closer look at a few loose ends. Certain talents and abilities are getting tweaked such as Nimble, which will now offer a heal over time rather than in an instant. Weapons that stagger are also getting toned down a bit, and while many have complained about how powerful Dead Eye is, Massive confirmed there are no plans to change it. Lastly, Airburst Seeker Mines will no longer stagger the enemy and the initial damage is being lowered, while the fire damage will be increased.

The recently released Last Stand player versus player mode is also getting an important update as well. As it is now, many players are complaining about the higher than expected issue of spawn camping. The team is completely revamping the respawn system so reviving players can no longer be camped and killed as easily.

For many, the biggest news is that the recent God Mode exploit issue plaguing PvP enabled areas such as the Dark Zone has been resolved. Though it has only just recently come to light for many, it's an issue that Massive has been aware of and moved quickly to fix it for players. This exploit allowed players to become invincible as well as attack other players by shooting them through walls.

The full list of upcoming changes can be found below. Keep in mind that a release window has not yet been decided.

Med-Kit changes

  • Will be changed server side

Nimble change

  • Will probably be changed into heal over time (was not formulated final)
  • After the move finishes, a 4 seconds heal over time is provided which gives the same heal value but not as an instant heal.


  • Stagger on all weapons will be reduced with the next client patch

Airburst Seeker Mine

  • Stagger will be removed with the next client patch
  • Initial damage will be lowered, but you will get more damage from the fire effect.
  • Total damage stays the same, just with a different distribution giving players a chance to react

Last Stand Spawn Camping

  • The respawn system will be changed so that players can't be camped as easy.

Legacy Extended Magazines

  • The legacy magazines will be changed with the next client patch to have the same value as their level 34 counterparts
  • After the next client patch new magazines will drop with 121%

Macros and tools for consoles

  • It will be addressed in the next client patch, so that players can't have a higher fire rate than intended, especially with burst fire weapons.

Have any of the recent update or expansions brought you back into the experience or have you moved on for good? Tell us your story below in the comments.

Tom Clancy's The Division is available now on Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and PC.

Source: The Division Twitch

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