The Division Developers Changing Sentry's Call Gear Set After Exploits

fixing the division would require total rewrite

The Division plans to change the Sentry's Call gear set very soon, after it was discovered earlier this week that the armor provided a permanent damage boost to players.

It has been a rougher than expected road for Tom Clancy's The Division after launching to a lot of player excitement and broken sales records. The past month has been a trying time for the game as a wave of bugs, exploits, and glitches have hurt the experience for many. While developer Massive Entertainment has typically been quick to squash the issues, many players have been patiently waiting for news on update 1.2, which aims to finally put many of these issues to rest including the notorious Sentry's Call permanent damage boost bug.

During today's State of the Game livestream, The Division community developer Hamish Bode dove into a number of changes coming to the game which includes the currently controversial Sentry's Call gear set. The Stalker talent, which is given when four pieces of the set are equipped, will now only trigger with semi-auto and marksmen rifles, something which the developer originally planned for considering this gear set is intended for sniper builds.


The changes are currently planned for release with update 1.2, which at the moment does not have a specific launch time, but the team indicated a release date could be revealed next week. In addition to bringing certain gear talents in line, the developer is also planning a number of weapon balances, additional bug fixes, doubling the Phoenix Credit cap, and many more changes intended for quality of life purposes.

Interestingly enough, the upcoming Broken Circle incursion mission which currently shows a recommended gear score of 220, will be changed to match the requirements for Falcon Lost. This means players who at least have a gear score 150 will be able to jump into Broken Circle once it releases later this month in another free update.

Earlier this week, users on Reddit pointed out that the Sentry's Call set armor, which featured the Marksman talent, was permanently marking characters – increasing damage to them by 15% for up to 10 seconds. While not only affecting AI controlled enemies but human players in the Dark Zone as well, the bug was not being reset even upon death, meaning the person wearing the gear had a massive advantage over other players. As players later found, the only way to completely remove the mark was to log out of the game entirely.

Are you happy with these changes or would you have rather seen something else changed with the gear set instead? Sound off in the comments below.

Tom Clancy's The Division is available now on Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and PC.

Source: The Division Twitch Channel

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