Dataminer discovers potential new additions coming to The Division, including an expansion on the Dark Zone, new PvP activities, and vanity items for players.

Over the summer, Tom Clancy’s The Division experienced numerous challenges that led to much of the player base deserting the cover-based shooter. Fortunately, developer Massive instituted numerous fixes and added new features and expansions that helped breathe new life into the game.

With The Division in a much better place, and many players back protecting the post-apocalyptic streets of New York City, gamers are anxiously looking forward to what’s next with the game. To get a peek at what’s coming, some gamers have begun datamining The Division, and have discovered some exciting potential additions coming soon.


Reddit user iamunk0wn discovered through the datamining that Massive may be planning to expand the Dark Zone – the PvP arena in The Division – into Central Park. The discovery was made via subtitles that were added to the game in the most recent patch, Update 1.5, but have not yet been implemented in the game. Naturally, since the below items haven’t been confirmed by Massive, they should be take with a grain of salt until all the information is officially confirmed from the developer. The subtitles say:

“Agent, we’ve started pushing further into the Dark Zone. We’re unlocking the gates that lead north towards Central Park. I need you to get up there to do a little recon. Let me know what you see, and stay safe. It’s not exactly friendly territory.”

An expansion to the Dark Zone is something many players have been requesting since the game launched in March 2016. Many expected to see an expansion on the Dark Zone with one or both of the expansions already launched, and were disappointed when it didn’t happen.


Unfortunately, players will likely need to wait a month or two before experiencing any new Dark Zone areas. Massive is currently planning to conduct an Elite Task Force (ETF) event during January where a select few players will get a chance to try out the 1.6 update and offer feedback about many much-needed PvP changes. Hopefully, this will include the added Dark Zone area, since it would be a big part of any PvP considerations coming out of the ETF event. Additionally, PC players will likely get a chance to try out the new area in the Public Test Server if Massive decides to run it again for the upcoming update.

In addition to a potential Dark Zone expansion, iamukn0wn discovered information about a new NPC, named Kekich, and a new activity surrounding SHD tactical terminals. According to the subtitles, players will be sent into the Dark Zone to find SHD tactical terminals that were airdropped into the area. Based on the language about players extracting the terminals before rogue agents, it’s possible these terminals will be a part of the rumored PvP arena addition to The Division.

In another datamined leak, players discovered subtitles that hint at a new PvP arena addition to The Division that would offer a more traditional PvP game mode for players. Based on that datamined info, it sounds like the game mode will focus on players capturing different zones or areas of the map, which would work well with the newly datamined content about terminals.


Finally, the Redditor discovered information about a new vanity set called Private Military Company. Chances are good this new vanity set will be obtainable via a separate DLC purchase, much like other current vanity sets available for The Division.

Right now, each of these items are only rumored based on datamining, and are subject to change or omission within The Division. That said, datamined information for The Division uncovered previously turned out to be included in the game with earlier expansions and updates, so hopefully this info turns out to be true.

What do you think about the datamined info for The Division? Would you like to see the Dark Zone expand and include new activities?

The Division is currently available for PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One.