Players are reporting that a cover-roll glitch present in The Division can be used to gain an unfair advantage by hiding away in map geometry and preying on other combatants.

There are few things more satisfying in an online game than the feeling of truly matching wits with another player. The Division makes full use of this type of taut competitive gameplay in the PvP battles that make its Dark Zone a dangerous delight — but there’s a new exploit that might throw off its carefully constructed balance.

Reddit user PhettyX posted a warning to other players on the subreddit for The Division late last night, describing an encounter that took place in the game’s refueling station location. Apparently, some players have managed to figure out how to glitch into the statues present in this area.

Players hidden within the statues can still be seen by players thanks to the health bar and stats readout that hover over their head. However, it seems that they can’t be attacked while they’re tucked away inside the protective stone surface of the decorative monument.

However, they are able to deal out damage to other players from their position. PhettyX notes that there are specific areas in the location where players can’t be hit by those using the glitch, but these spots seem to be the exception rather than the rule.

The Division cover roll glitch

The going theory is that the offending players managed to gain this tactical advantage using the widely observed cover-roll glitch. This exploit isn’t limited to the refueling station, and can in fact be used in many locations that have the necessary cover and an unobstructed path to the object or building being glitched into.

In a game where players can steal one another’s gear, potentially undoing hours of progress as a result, this could prove to be a major problem. The Dark Zone is a major selling point for The Division — but this sort of cheating could quickly strip the fun from the experience.

Even on launch day, griefers were out in full force among players, taking advantage of a now-amended method of blocking other players’ progress by standing in a particular doorway. While that oversight was amended with relative ease, it remains to be seen just how simple it will be to make the fix to the cover-roll glitch.

Moreover, we don’t know whether or not players who make use of exploits like this will see any repercussions. Earlier this week, Massive Entertainment announced plans to permanently ban players found cheating in the PC version of the game though, so we’ll wait to see how Ubisoft reacts to this newfound exploit.

The Division is available now for PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC.

Source: Reddit