Tom Clancy’s The Division‘s Conflicts update (set to release later this month) introduces the game’s second Incursion, which is called Broken Circle.

A couple months removed from its release, and it appears as though enthusiasm for Tom Clancy’s The Division is beginning to wane. The game has had a problem with hackers, exploits, and other issues, but Massive Entertainment is determined to keep dedicated players engaged with The Division nevertheless. The studio’s attempt to keep The Division community active will continue when the second Incursion for the game drops later this month, as part of May’s “Conflicts” update.

We’re not sure exactly when The Division‘s next Incursion, entitled Broken Circle, will be available. However, the developers are planning to host a Division livestream tomorrow, and it’s possible that more information on the Conflicts update could be made available at that time.

As for what the Broken Circle Incursion will entail, fans can probably expect a similar experience to the Falcon Lost Incursion. The primary goal in Broken Circle will see players battling the Rikers in an attempt to disable their SAM system, and successful players will be rewarded with rare gear.

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In the meantime, those that would like to tackle the Broken Circle Incursion as soon as it is made available will want to make the proper preparations. The main thing players will want to do is make sure their Gear Score is at least 220, or else they won’t be allowed to participate in the new Incursion at all.

While dedicated Division players prepare for the Broken Circle Incursion, those that have lapsed from the game may be keeping an eye on it to see if it’s enough to bring them back into the fold. A slew of new problems were introduced with The Division‘s April update, resulting in many players becoming frustrated with the game. Players may be expecting The Division‘s May update to bring on even more issues, and that could be the last straw for some Division enthusiasts.

With Massive hoping to reinvigorate The Division‘s PvE experience, the company will need to deliver on that front with May’s Conflicts update. After the lukewarm reception to the Falcon Lost Incursion, there’s a lot riding on the Broken Circle Incursion to give players compelling endgame content, and if it fails to do so, then even the most dedicated Division players may find themselves moving on to other gaming experiences.

Tom Clancy’s The Division is available now for PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One.

Source: Express (via GameSpot)