Ubisoft releases a tutorial video for The Division, giving players some tips on the game’s core mechanics and character progression ahead of this weekend’s beta.

The Division is undoubtedly one of the biggest releases of early 2016 — and this weekend, players will be able to try out Ubisoft’s ambitious RPG for themselves. Now, the studio has released a tutorial that details everything prospective agents need to know before entering the fray.

With players around the world desperate to get their hands on the game, it’s likely that the upcoming beta will be well-populated — and, as such, very competitive. With that in mind, there’s plenty of reason to become familiar with the following core concepts.

Killing enemies is a vital element of progression as it rewards the player with XP, but there’s also the chance that the fallen will drop useful loot. The Division features a huge variety of different types of equipment, so it’s important to be thorough as you check the battleground after a skirmish.

The tutorial video begins with a player attempting to reach a base of operations — a type of hub building that’s filled with members of the task force, civilians taking shelter and important characters who will send the player out on missions. A primary concern here is unlocking the base’s three wings; security, tech and medical.

Boards in the base can be read to fill up the map with details of side missions and encounters out in the game world — there’s another one of these boards to be found in the hub. Different missions offer different rewards that are then used for character specialization, so it’s worth having a variety of challenges available at any given time.

Missions can be attempted solo, but will generally going to offer a bigger challenge without support. Players can assemble a squad by inviting individual agents in the game world, or by using the matchmaking options offered at the start of a new mission.

Teamwork is crucial in The Division, but combining efforts during combat and making sure to heal one another if things go bad are only part of the picture. It’s also wise to ensure that the different members of the group have different specializations, ensuring that there’s always more than one way to handle a scenario.

By clearing main missions, players will be able to upgrade both their character and their base of operations. Once an agent has cut their teeth on the basics of The Division, it’s time to head into a Dark Zone — the murky areas of New York City where allegiances can change in a second if there’s good loot to be had.

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In Dark Zones, players can shoot and kill one another should they choose to. As such, before teaming up with a stranger as you pass through these areas, it’s important to be completely sure of their intentions. Dark Zone ranking levels are separate to your standard character level, but it’s increased in much the same way.

It’s possible to find some amazing loot in the Dark Zone — but it could be contaminated by the virus that’s affecting the city. If this is the case, the player will have to find an extraction point, and call in a helicopter to have it shipped out and cleaned up.

Waiting for an extraction might mean that other players are attracted to the area, and they might well decide to take your plunder by force. However, attacking another agent in the Dark Zone earns rogue status, putting an attractive bounty on the character’s head for other players to earn.

Anyone with beta access will be able to get a taste of The Division this weekend — if you spend some time with the game, why not hit up the comments section and share your thoughts.

The Division is set to release for PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC on March 8, 2016.