An image on Reddit shows off various visual and HUD settings that players will be able to configure on console versions during the upcoming beta for The Division.

After its impressive debut in 2013 at Ubisoft’s E3 press conference, players have been eager to finally go hands on with the highly anticipated RPG shooter, The Division. As with most games, graphics and visuals are at the forefront of many conversations and gamers remain hopeful that The Division can meet those lofty expectations that came after its reveal trailer. Thanks to Reddit, it seems Ubisoft is letting players alter many of the visual and HUD elements, which hopefully will make the game look even better.

Reddit user AuriliusGaming was able to snag a screenshot revealing many of the visual options that the game will allow players to configure. For the most part, much of what is shown affects the Heads Up Display, allowing visual indicators like damage numbers, player levels, radar, or the entire HUD itself to be turned off completely. The image does reveal a few graphics options, as well including the ability to configure sharpness and brightness, while either enabling or disabling chromatic aberration. The latter of which is designed to simulate the way light scatters within a lens, causing some wavelengths to be more focused than others.

The Division Console Visual Options

It is worth noting that not only is this screenshot taken from the Xbox One version of the game (thanks to the various button prompts shown), but there’s also a scroll bar to the right of the menu indicating that there are potentially more visual options for players to tinker around with. Such customization options are typically reserved for the PC versions of games, so it’s nice to see some level of flexibility for console players as well.

When it comes to visuals and graphics in games, Ubisoft tends to be the company that gets scrutinized the most from players thanks to very impressive announcement trailers which show a game that ultimately doesn’t quite live up to expectations upon release. The most famous example is Watch_Dogs, which wowed the audience at Ubisoft’s 2012 E3 press conference. Featuring gorgeous environments and impressive animations, the game ultimately didn’t live up to the lofty visual promises in many players eyes, even causing PC players to create mods that mirrored the graphics from that initial E3 trailer.

Since then, most Ubisoft games receive the same treatment as players compare footage from reveal trailers to that of the most recent gameplay trailers. The Division is under the same microscope and as the highly anticipated beta kicks off next week for players who have pre-ordered, the discussions surrounding how the game looks will certainly be a hot topic for many.

In your opinion, are you happy with how the game looks currently? Do you think the final game will look a little better or is the beta build essentially the final product?

Tom Clancy’s The Division arrives on March 8, 2016 for Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and PC.

Source: Reddit