Division PC Player Base Has Dropped 81 Percent Since Launch

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Ubisoft's MMO shooter The Division is suffering from a online user crisis, with a worrying 81 percent drop in PC players since the game launched in March.

Although The Division launched to massive acclaim when it originally hit the market in March, it was not long before problems with the MMO shooter hybrid were discovered. Perhaps because of this, the Ubisoft-published title has seen an alarming drop in PC users. As it stands, The Division has seen an 81 percent drop in PC players since March.

At its peak, The Division had 114,225 players, accounting for the second day of the game's release. However, the numbers look much less promising now, less than 2 months after the game launched. The most recent figures, according to this Reddit thread, put the PC player base at a mere 22,130.

It's perhaps no surprise to see The Division's stock falling so low, however, particularly given the issues that Ubisoft and developer Massive Entertainment have faced with the game over recent weeks. The title's developers are currently looking at a long list of bugs to fix, and that's before even more serious problems come to the fore. With content such as Daily Missions occasionally dropping, it's no wonder that players have become frustrated.

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Alongside these design flaws, and problems with cheaters that have become so bad that even hackers are complaining about other hackers, there are also perhaps some even deeper issues that are causing the player base to drop off so dramatically. In particular, users have criticized The Division's end game, and the level of longevity found therein. Indeed, some have suggested that Massive Entertainment could have taken some design tips from Diablo III.

The Division is far from the only highly anticipated game to see a quick loss of players, however. One of the most famous examples of a multiplayer game that failed to keep a strong gaming audience was asymmetrical shooter Evolve, which failed to live up to the hype and then struggled to maintain an active user base. Meanwhile, DICE's multiplayer shooter Star Wars Battlefront has also found problems, with the game currently holding 45,000 less daily users than 2013's Battlefield 4.

Of course, this is unlikely to make much of a financial impact on Ubisoft, as The Division has already proved to be a massive commercial success, even surpassing Call of Duty: Black Ops 3 in terms of digital revenue. However, should the publisher wish to maintain this financial clout for the long term, then something within The Division will have to change. Hopefully, the game's next Incursion can be used as a springboard for positive, long-term change for this title.

Source: Reddit

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