Division 2 Raid Guide: How to Beat The Razorback in Dark Hours

the division 2 razorback

It was a big week for Tom Clancy's The Division 2 as Ubisoft and Massive Entertainment released Title Update 3, a massive list of quality of life changes, big fixes, and new features. In addition to bug fixes and balancing, the update introduces another new cosmetic Dark Hours event as well as the first two Classified Assignments called the Fall of DC. These small story missions are available for Year 1 pass owners and provide additional context for how Washington D.C. fell apart in the wake of the viral outbreak.

However, the update also paved the way for Operation Dark Hours, the first ever 8 person raid for the franchise which launched a couple days later. Even with a lack of in-game matchmaking, players have teamed up to bring down all four encounters, with the world's first team finishing it five hours after it went live. Their accomplishment has been immortalized inside of the game's version of The White House for all to see.

Operation Dark hours is easily the most difficult content the game currently offers, with a final boss that can easily wipe the entire team if they go in unprepared. Here's how to beat DDP-52 Razorback and finish the first Division 2 raid.


The final encounter in Operation Dark Hours takes players to the airfield which features four SAM Turrets. Thankfully, the large space also contains plenty of cover and ammo crates as well.

The Razorback isn't actually a person and players won't have access to it right away. DDP-52 Razorback is a large black truck that sits in the middle of the airfield at Washington Airport, surrounded by four generators that teams will need to capture. The Razorback has multiple parts that need to be destroyed in order to ultimately expose the batteries.

How to Beat Razorback

The four generators are control points that players will need to capture. There are plenty of ways to tackle this, but one strategy would be to split the 8 person raid team into four teams of 2. Essentially, stand next to a generator's ring to start the capture process. The ring will turn green once captured and will also cause the Razorback vents at the front and back to appear. Shoot at them until they're destroyed. At this point, 1 regular grenade needs to be thrown into both vents, which then turns the vent light to green. When both vents are blown, the Razorback will start to raise a massive panel into the sky.

During this process, players will need to remain inside of the four generators capture circles until the battery tower finishes rising into the sky. Also during this portion, drones will fly into the area to complicate things. EMP attacks work wonders here and players should work quickly to eliminate them as the drones become deadlier when in swarms.

With the battery tower fully exposed, players can now leave the capture zones to look for two wings at the base of the battery tower. Once both wings have been destroyed, the circuitry points appear at the top of the tower. Take down the circuit points to expose that section's battery point. The squad will only be able to destroy one of the four batteries at a time, at which point the tower descends and the four generators will need to be charged up again to start the exposure and wing process again. Keep in mind that each time the tower is exposed, drones will appear as well. In addition, Razorback will launch rockets at the team each time the tower collapses so make sure to find cover when the ground becomes highlights in red.

the division 2 raid reward

To further complicate this phase, Razorback has a team wipe mechanic where elite heavy mini-gunners named Chungus appear and rush the SAM sites at the four corners of the map. As they attempt to activate the turret, a siren can be heard indicating that players will need to kill the elite in order to delay the squad wipe. As each battery is destroyed, more elites will spawn requiring that players stay alert or get wiped completely.

Once all four batteries are destroyed and the Razorback's health at 0, phase 3 begins. The squad will have to quickly rush to the four SAM sites to destroy the small hand print scanners located on the back of the turrets. Each one will have to be destroyed in specific order or else the squad will wipe and reset the encounter.

When all four turrets are destroyed, Razorback is finally defeated and a chest with some new and exclusive loot appears near the back of the plane.

The Division 2 is out now for PC, PS4, and Xbox One.

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