'The Darkness 2' Xbox Demo Gameplay Video

Darkness 2 Xbox Demo Gameplay Video

It isn't easy to bring something new to the shooter genre these days, with more and more franchises making the formula for success seem fairly established at this point. But it's hard to claim that The Darkness 2 is just more of the same, and if this footage of the demo released today is a sign of the entire product, consider us interested.

The Darkness 2 may not be on the radar for many mainstream gamers, since it certainly lacks the brand recognition that so many series in the shooter genre have accumulated. While the sequel may not be handled by the same studio as its predecessor, Digital Extremes showed their worth by impressing us at E3 with their progress on the game so far.

With a uniquely painted art style, quad-wielding weapons and...tendrils, and a story blending underworld conflicts with age-old demonic possession, The Darkness 2 will be nothing if not a breath off fresh air. For those newcomers who are unfamiliar with the previous game's plot, or if fans are in need of a refresher, be sure to take a look at the game's various combat trailers and story recap to bring you up to speed.

The first demo granting players the chance to step into the crowded shoes of Jackie Estacado is available for download now to Xbox Live gold subscribers. Coming in at a hefty 1.4 GB, the demo in question is the same restaurant stage that was previewed at various press events last year.

PS3 and PC owners may have to wait a bit longer to see if the game lives up to the hype, but that doesn't mean you can't take a look at 15 minutes of The Darkness 2 right now. Be warned, this is an M-rated game - a point made abundantly clear within the opening moments:


The demo footage certainly spotlights the hand-painted visual style, which seems to succeed in setting The Darkness 2 apart from similarly grotesque shooters. It isn't easy to turn the average gamer's stomach with gore and guts these days, but the bloodlust that Jackie's tendrils seem to exhibit looks to put that to the test. Not to mention offer one entertaining show along the way.

What is your impression of the first gameplay footage of The Darkness 2 shown to fans? Is this look at the game enough to convince you that it's one to keep an eye on? Leave us your thoughts in the comments.

The Darkness 2 demo is available now on Xbox Live for gold subscribers, with a release for silver accounts, PSN, and Steam coming on January 24. The game itself will arrive February 7.

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