The Culling Coming to Xbox One


The developer Xaviant Games has officially announced the launch date of its battle royale release, The Culling, for Xbox One, with the title set to become available for the console on June 2, 2017 though the Xbox Game Preview program. For those unaware, the game has been out for quite some time now on PC, as its original release date came to pass about a year ago through its existence as an Early Access title through Steam.

As seen in the fresh trailer below, Xaviant Games has created a title that operates similarly to a lot of other releases categorized as a battle royale, as it requires players to survive in a large, open air environment while neutralizing opponents in a variety of different ways through the use of firearms, spears, bows, blades, or melee weapons. However, The Culling puts its own unique twist on the genre by making the fight for one's virtual life a theatrical display in the form of a game show similar to The Hunger Games.

For those interested in The Culling's gameplay, when thrust into the action, contestants will have 25 minutes to take out enemies, with all players not receiving any respawns. Additionally, the title features offline training matches and survival modes for those who wish to hone their skills before entering a true match. Plus, there are upwards of a thousand unlockable customization items, a crafting system, and a mode that allows fans to team up with a partner called Duos.

The Xbox One version of The Culling will definitely allow the game to be opened up to a new audience and make more fans aware of its existence, so one can only hope that this allows Xaviant to expand its operations and future plans for the title. However, it has stiff competition in PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds, which continues to grow with each passing day in terms of its sales and fan base, so it will be interesting to see if The Culling coming to the Microsoft console gives it a fighting chance.

The Culling is available now on PC and is set to release for Xbox One on June 2, 2017.

Source: XaviantLLC – YouTube

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