An independent developer from the UK, Splendy Games, releases a trailer for a live-action horror video game called The Bunker that features a star from The Hobbit movies.

With Her Story winning numerous awards last year, it does seem as though the gaming industry is willing to embrace the concept of a live-action video game yet again. UK independent developer Splendy Games recognizes this, and has decided to create what seems to be one of the most ambitious live-action video games produced to date, in the form of an exploratory horror game called The Bunker.

In The Bunker, players take control of a character named John, played by Adam Brown of The Hobbit fame. John is living in a mysterious bunker, and has been living there alone for years following a nuclear attack on England. Striving for authenticity, the developers have filmed the game inside an actual nuclear fallout shelter, and have decided not to use any CGI or motion capture at all.

Adam Brown is joined by Sarah Greene (who previously worked on Assassin’s Creed III), who is playing an unknown character. Judging by the game’s trailer, it appears as though Greene will be playing John’s mother in flashbacks, but that hasn’t been confirmed at this time.

Check out the creepy trailer for The Bunker right here, and speculate away:

Despite the fact that it’s live-action, Splendy claims that players will be able to explore the entire bunker to their heart’s desire. Gameplay will involve leading John around the bunker, solving puzzles, and finding clues that will in turn trigger flashbacks, which will help players solve the mystery of what happened to everyone else that was living there.

The story, by the way, is being written by developers that have quite impressive track records in the industry. Game developers that previously worked on Broken Sword, the horror game SOMA, and even The Witcher are the creative minds behind The Bunker, which should give gamers confidence that it could potentially be a surprise horror hit when it releases later this summer.

In the meantime, we aren’t entirely sure at this point what platforms The Bunker will be playable on. The teaser trailer vaguely states that it will be playable on “consoles and mobile devices,” but right now only PC gamers can be completely certain that they will be able to enjoy the game when it releases.

With Quantum Break‘s TV show component, the success of Her Story, and the announcement of The Bunker, it seems like combining gaming and live-action content is becoming a trend yet again. The format reached its peak in the 90’s before fading away into obscurity, and it will be interesting to see if experiments like The Bunker help the genre become more popular than it ever was before.

The Bunker will be available at some point this summer for PC, as well as unspecified console and mobile devices.

Source: Game Informer

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