Incredible Art Imagines The Boys' Antony Starr as Albert Wesker

Amazon's television adaptation of The Boys has earned widespread critical acclaim and stands as one of the company's biggest streaming hits to date. One of the standout performances on the show comes from Antony Starr, who portrays the "superhero" Homelander - who is basically a sociopath version of Superman. Starr does well in this villainous role, and it stands to reason that he would do well as other villains, too. Like, say, Albert Wesker from Resident Evil.

Artist Bosslogic has created a post showing what Starr might look like as Wesker from Resident Evil. As can be seen in Bosslogic's art, Starr fits the role perfectly, and looks very similar to Wesker from the games.

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Bosslogic, who has 1.6 million followers on Instagram, has made a name for himself through his fan-made movie posters and the like. One of the more recent and notable projects from Bosslogic sees the Mortal Kombat movie cast imagined as the characters they will play in the upcoming film reboot.

As to whether or not Antony Starr could actually star as Albert Wesker in a Resident Evil movie reboot, that remains to be seen. If early reports are to be believed, the Resident Evil movie reboot is going to be based on Resident Evil 7 as opposed to the older games. However, that doesn't mean that hope is completely lost for those who want to see Starr portray Albert Wesker.

That's because there's another Resident Evil adaptation in the works besides the movie reboot. While there are no official details, a Resident Evil Netflix series is apparently in the works. Whether or not the Netflix series will follow the games or not remains to be seen, but reports have suggested that the show could be more about Umbrella Corporation employees. If that's the case, then there's a good chance Wesker could make an appearance. After all, Wesker was an employee of the Umbrella Corporation before he was the leader of S.T.A.R.S.

While it's impossible to say at this point if Antony Starr will ever get the chance to play Albert Wesker on television or in film, at least fans can enjoy Bosslogic's poster in the meantime.

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