If you’ve been sitting on the sidelines, holding on since October for the best Black Friday Xbox One deals, you’re in luck – most of the goodies started as early as Wednesday night at 9PM Pacific Time (midnight Thursday for those on the East Coast).

We could list the myriad of deals available at all the retailers under the sun, but we’re going to keep this simple and only mention the ones with the absolute best value and ease of purchase – whether online or offline. If you don’t want to scan the list below, we believe the best deal is available at the Microsoft Store (yep, straight from the source), where they’re offering up to $80 in bonuses if you buy an Xbox One.  In short, all Xbox One bundles are reduced by $50, plus you’ll receive a $60 Xbox gift code and a free game of your choice from a selection of four. What’s not to love?

Microsoft Store Xbox One Black Friday Deals

Your free game selection includes, while supply last: Assassins’ Creed: UnityForza Horizon 2Sunset Overdrive, and Rare Replay. Most of them are excellent titles at good values (with AC Unity the debatable choice). Our pick would be Rare Replay, but the freebie is your choice to make.

While there are 14 bundles available at Microsoft Store, we’ve picked the best 5 above based on price range and segment, ranging from the cheapest $299 bundle to the priciest $449 Elite bundle which will be released on December 1st.  Other bundles not mentioned include the LEGO Movie Videogame bundle, which probably won’t hold as much in value compared to other bundles despite the nice price.  The best part of Microsoft’s Black Friday promotion on Xbox Ones? The recently released Fallout 4 bundle qualifies!

As a side note on the Elite Bundle (which comes with a 1TB SSD hybrid drive for faster gaming performance), this is a bundle that’s time-exclusive to Microsoft Store and GameStop. As it stands, the deal listed above is the only known discount for the Xbox One Elite Bundle.

Update: Most of the popular bundles at Microsoft Store are now out of stock! Remaining good bundles, in our opinion.. includes the ubiquitous GOW bundle. If you want 1TB, the holiday bundle for $349.99 is a good deal. Finally if you want Kinect for whatever reason, we’ll actually suggest the factory refurbished bundle which is only $299.


Major Retailer Xbox One Deals

Note: Most deals not live yet. Links will be updated when they go live later tonight after 6PM Pacific.

We’ve listed all major retailers offering the Gears of War 500GB bundle at the $299 discounted price that are including a bonus. While Best Buy and GameStop are also offering the reduced price bundle, there’s little point buying from them if you won’t be getting additional incentives.

The most noteworthy deal above has been talked about since its leak last month — the Xbox One GOW bundle bargain from Dell Home with a free copy of Fallout 4 and an extra controller. This deal won’t be live until Thursday 6PM EST / 3PM PST. Update: Turns out this deal expired the minute it went live. Rather lame of Dell to have such a low quantity count even if this is a “Doorbuster” deal.

Will Cyber Monday top any of these deals listed above? Or will actual Black Friday bring about previously unannounced deals? It’s always tough to say — we get surprised time and time again. For example, we expected only a $50 credit and maybe a copy of Assassin’s Creed: Unity from Microsoft Store this year… but they upped the gift code amount to $60 and offered up 3 more games for free.  So who’s to say you won’t see some equally compelling offer come Monday? (Or Sunday for that matter, given that deals are going earlier and earlier.)

If we spot more noteworthy Xbox One bundle deals for Black Friday, you can be sure we’ll update the post here.