Rumor: The Avengers Video Game is Coming to PS5 and Next Xbox


A couple of years ago, Square Enix announced that the award-winning studio Crystal Dynamics would be developing a video game based on The Avengers. Fast-forward to now, and we still know next to nothing about what the project will entail, but a new job listing may suggest that it's currently in-development for next-generation consoles like the PlayStation 5 and Next Xbox.

A job listing on the Crystal Dynamics website shows that the company is currently seeking an External Lead Producer, who will be responsible for working with external partners on behalf of the studio when building "next gen console and PC games." Disney and Marvel, who Crystal Dynamics and Square Enix no doubt have to work with when it comes to The Avengers license, could definitely be considered "external partners."

Because of this, some have speculated that The Avengers game is aiming for release on PS5 and the next Xbox instead of PS4 and Xbox One. Of course, it's possible that the game could be a cross-generation title, but at this point, it's hard to say either way. As previously stated, very little official information on the project has been released to the public, so all fans can do is speculate.

Previous job listings have also offered hints as to what The Avengers game will have in store. We know that Crystal Dynamics was looking to hire someone to develop "cutting-edge online experiences" with social elements, which has led some to believe that the game could be similar to an MMO, or MMO-style games like Destiny or The Division.

Avengers Video Game Adds Former Uncharted and Dead Space Devs - Avengers Project Captain America shield

We also know that Crystal Dynamics hired former Uncharted and Dead Space developers to work on The Avengers game, which suggests it could have some cinematic elements to it. After all, both Uncharted and Dead Space are known for being single-player, story-driven games, and so it seems The Avengers could have similar elements.

Until Square Enix is ready to share more information about The Avengers game, though, all we have to go on are these job listings and talent acquisitions. But with Crystal Dynamics having worked on the game for years at this point, hopefully we will get to see something concrete sooner rather than later.

The Avengers is in development for unspecified consoles.

Source: Crystal Dynamics

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