Marvel's The Avengers Offers First Look at Loot, Ability Upgrades, and Customization

Marvel Games and Crystal Dynamics took to the stage at Comic-Con 2019 prepared to give attendees of its panel a first look at The Avengers in action. Granted, this was practically the same footage shown at E3 2019 last month, but for almost all of the Hall H audience, this was their first time seeing the game being played.

But while the footage was the same, The Avengers panel also gave a brief look at some gameplay elements not included in the E3 presentation. Specifically, there was a quick glance at the loot, upgrade, and customization systems that will be available in the game.

Crystal Dynamics only briefly teased the loot-based nature of The Avengers but in a quick scene, we could see rarity tiers for one of Iron Man’s gauntlets. The loot rarity was indicated by color as in many RPGs and there were stats attached to each different gauntlet that boosted various qualities attached to the item.

That being said, it doesn’t seem like the loot influences the design of the character, which is one cohesive look. For example, the Comic-Con panel showed off a couple of different looks for the entire main Avengers cast, including a mobster Hulk, a more regal looking Thor, and tons of different color schemes for Iron Man. Game Director Shaun Escayg promised that those few costumes shown per character only scratch the surface of what will be available in the main game, so there is sure to be plenty of options for players that want to customize their hero.

e3 2019 avengers demo

But it does appear that the loot in the game only influences the gameplay and not the look of the characters. In the Avengers gameplay demo, each hero appears to have a few abilities and it’s safe to assume the loot will influence those. Specifics were unclear because of how brief the look at loot was, but more should be revealed later this year.

Finally, there was a quick glimpse at an upgrade menu that looked fairly standard for an Avengers game. There were nodes on a tree and players can select abilities to customize their character. What exactly those abilities are was hard to see because the screen was only up for a few seconds, but it was enough to emphasize a familiar setup when it comes to acquiring abilities and making them stronger.

All told, these quick glimpses were enough to give a better picture as to how The Avengers will function as an RPG. There are still lots of questions about the game including how missions will work in co-op and how the live service elements function, but at least we finally got some glimpses at customization.

The Avengers releases May 15, 2020 for PC, PS4, Stadia, and Xbox One.

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