'The Agency' Delayed into the Second Half of 2011

The Agency

Sony Online Entertainment needs more time to work on their spy-themed multiplayer online shooter, The Agency. When announced, Sony promised a game that would allow players to fight through missions in exotic locales using both high technology and brute force to obtain intel and rewards. However, the dynamic online world, with its extensive character customization, constantly evolving gear and abilities, and both cooperative and competitive play, will not be open to players quite yet. Previously, the game was slated for a 2010 release but has been delayed to the second half of 2011.

Players will have to wait a little longer to pledge their loyalty to either PARAGON (Paramilitary Global Operations Network) or U.N.I.T.E. (United Network Intelligence & Tactical Experts). Before gamers will be able to live the life of a machine-gunning mercenary or an elite agent, Sony Online Entertainment will need to feel the utmost confidence in its product.

Sony Online Entertainment president John Smedley confirms that that The Agency needs an additional year to develop into a quality experience:

There was a moment in time in our company where we looked at our own stuff with a clear eye and saw we have to do better. DC Universe was held for a year-and-a-half from when we wanted to launch it and now I'm very happy with it.

DC Universe Online was set to finally be released sometime in November, but it has been delayed as well. So, the company isn't a stranger to pushing projects back. It is admirable when companies decide to postpone the release of games so that they can be the best product possible for the gamers. The more ambitious the project, the greater the chance of failure. Grandiose promises and ideas must be backed up with soundly developed gameplay. Sony Online Entertainment Seattle will be dedicating this extra time to make sure The Agency provides instant action and long-term satisfaction for all fans of espionage and explosive gameplay.

How do you feel about this delay? How does it affect your opinion of the project as a whole?

The Agency is set for release sometime in the second half of 2011 on the PS3 and PC.

Source: Joystiq

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