TGS Trailer for Final Fantasy 14 is Gorgeous

Final Fantasy 14

By the end of this month, many a PC gamer will get their hands on Final Fantasy XIV and Square Enix has kicked it into high gear releasing by as much content for the game as possible. In this new trailer exclusively for the Tokyo Game Show, we get the pre-rendered gorgeous trailers we have come to expect from a Square Enix game.

Lack of game play aside this trailer looks amazing. It gives us a look at what we can expect as far as enemies are concerned as well as a better understanding of the type of community interactions players can expect. Give it a look:

Most interesting about the video is the aerial combat sequence. While no announcement has been made, at the very least players can hopefully anticipate some high altitude combat in one form or another.  If Final Fantasy XIV wishes to compete with Star Wars: The Old Republic in the long run, sky combat should be something they consider.

While not all of the races included in XIV were on display, all four of the previously announced disciplines united to defeat the tentacle monster.

As much of Final Fantasy XI is being used as inspiration for XIV as possible, while still bringing a fresh game to the players. The newest feature, the fatigue system, hopes to break from the monotony so many experience playing an MMO. While I can see this feature eventually being done away with, as it restricts marathon sessions, knowing Square Enix is experimenting breeds hope.

PC gamers needn’t wait much longer before they get their hands on either the Collector’s or Standard editions of the game, while PS3 owners must bite their nails a bit longer.  Either way, there is a huge fan base of Final Fantasy followers waiting to dive into this game.

What do you think of this new trailer, Ranters? What are your feelings on CG videos as opposed to game play videos?

Final Fantasy XIV releases for the PC on September 30, and for the PS3 on March 8, 2011.

Source: CVG

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