Tetsuya Nomura Expands on Kingdom Hearts 3D, Re:Coded

Kingdom Hearts Re:Coded

As we patiently await Birth by Sleep, director Tetsuya Nomura has graced us with some information regarding the two Nintendo entries to the series, Kingdom Hearts 3D and Kingdom Hearts Re:Coded.

In the 3DS game demoed at E3 this year, tentatively titled Kingdom Hearts 3D, the player will switch between the stories of Sora and Riku as the game progresses. This is an interesting contrast to the three completely separate stories of Terra, Aqua and Ventus in BBS. When questioned about how this game will take advantage of 3D, Nomura used the words "fall" and "fly" when referring to Sora and Riku, respectively. The theme of this game, he says, is "trust." Nomura was unwilling to say when in the timeline of the series this game takes place, but assured fans that it is canon with the rest of the series.

Nomura also spoke about the DS remake of the mobile phone game, Kingdom Hearts Re:Coded. Re:Coded will take the best aspects of the previous three titles, and try to make the perfect DS Kingdom Hearts game. Many people (myself included) had problems with the previous DS entry, Kingdom Hearts: 358/2 Days because of the difficulty with controlling Roxas. Nomura promises a more simplified control scheme for Re:Coded. For those who still might have trouble with the game, there is a menu option that will allow you to change the level of difficulty at will, hopefully easing some of the frustration with those boss fights.

Ever since the first Kingdom Hearts game, I haven't found any of the sequels to compare in terms of story, gameplay, or pure ingenuity. Hopefully with three brand new titles for three different systems on the way, the team will give us something that we haven't seen before. And maybe once Nomura has finished pumping out all the portable titles, he'll finally get around to making Kingdom Hearts 3.

Are you all excited about Kingdom Hearts 3D and Kingdom Hearts Re:Coded? Or is Birth by Sleep the only Kingdom Hearts you need?

Kingdom Hearts Re:Coded is due in the next year and Birth by Sleep slashes its way to retail on September 7th, 2010.

Source: Dengeki, Andriasang

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