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Tetris, the puzzle game to rule them all. At least if EA Mobile’s latest project is any indicator. All of us remember getting Tetris for our Game boy, and spending hours upon hours, arranging these cubes in different fashions by twisting and turning, and occasionally getting a line or two filled up for a score. Well get ready Tetris fans, because I think this just might peak your interests! EA Mobile is releasing Tetris for PlayStation Network, with a release date of “very early next year.”

That statement deserves some explanation. The question must be asked, how can they make a greatly loved, retro game, feel new, exciting and fun? Well EA Mobile has done a few things on the online aspect, which have never been tried in a Tetris game before. Adding 3-new PS3 exclusive multiplayer game modes shows EA understands the power online connectivity has on the success of a game. EA is also boasting that their new title remake will include 5.1 Dolby Sound and 1080p HD graphics. These two added elements will undoubtedly prove to greatly enhance upon any experience, and while Tetris doesn’t live or die on graphics and sound it’s certainly warmly welcomed by all gamers.

All together, this new Tetris is going to hold 6 online local and multiplayer modes, outside of the original single player marathon mode experience. Multiplayer modes will include, but are not limited to:

  • A classic 1v1 battle mode that will now feature power-ups to give yourself a small but effective competitive advantage over your opponent.
  • A shared mode, where you and a teammate work together as long as you can. One player controls his/her half of the board and vice versa.
  • A 2 on 2 team battle, where you and a friend work together to take down another pair in a mode similar to classic battle mode.
  • And a competition mode that can have up to 6 people playing simultaneously working for the highest score. Think free for all death match, Tetris style!

With the success that Pac-Man is having in his latest arcade reboot, and NEOGEO also coming to PSN it makes sense as to why EA would make this investment. With all of us gamers loving to see our old favorites re-mastered in today’s world, this is a game that will win over the hearts of many the casual, and hardcore alike.

EA has yet to announce a price or release date for Tetris, but barring any drastic pricing decisions this will have tremendous value. I'm confident that Tetris will sell like hotcakes. If there is any evidence to show how Tetris will be fun to play, there’s none better than the fact that original Tetris Alexi Pajitnov got to try it out already, and he allegedly loved it. Realistically he has to say that though, it's still Tetris. (Won’t he be making money off every download anyway?)

Will you be investing in this downloadable love letter to Tetris fans, Ranters? Do you think the online will truly live up to the hype EA is giving itself? Do you like the fact that EA is re-hashing Tetris?

Source: PlayStation Blog

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