Test Drive Unlimited 2 Closed Beta Available Now

Three months after the announcement that there was going to be a Test Drive Unlimited 2, regular gamers can now get their hands on the super-sweet Test Drive 2 Beta! All you have to do is register an account, answer a few questions, and sign up. If they think that you pass the muster to be a beta tester, they will invite you.

Sadly, there are only finite spots. Sounds a little elitist, but Atari elaborates the urge for screening:

"The beta testers will be selected from a pool of applicants and will be chosen based on their knowledge of the genre, passion for video games, and the ability to effectively test the evolving 'beta' stage software in use."

Vince Farquharson, Test Drive Unlimited 2's executive producer said:

"At this point in the title's development we are looking for opinions, feedback and rigorous road testing from our beta testers to help us optimize the performance, handling, and the final feel of the game."

Here's the thing: they just ask you questions, and nowhere on the form does it say that you must answer them honestly. If you only play "1-5" hours a week, go ahead and round up to "21+"! Never played Test Drive Unlimited 1? Sure you have, you just don't remember. But please, make sure you tell them that you did, if you want the beta. I am no advocate for cheating, but I am an advocate for random selection and fairness.

I do not feel guilty urging you to lie. Just because someone plays video games more often than you doesn't mean they are entitled to this beta. If you like racing games and want to keep up with the latest, tell Atari anything you have to in order to get your gear-shift-hungry hands on this beta. And once you have it, play it for god's sake!

Right now, the beta is available on PS3, Xbox, and PC.

Will you apply for this beta? Will you lie on the application? How do you feel about closed betas? Will you buy Test Drive Unlimited 2 no matter what?

Source: ShackNews

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