'Test Drive: Ferrari' Premier Trailer

Test Drive Ferrari Premier Trailer

While Forza Motorsport 4 and Gran Turismo 5 would seem to be all the sim racing games any player could ever need, that won't stop competitors from trying. Just such a competitor arrives this March with Test Drive: Ferrari. A gorgeous new trailer shows why racing aficionados should be paying attention to the game, though right now, there are more questions about Test Drive: Ferrari than answers.

Test Drive: Ferrari is the work of Slighty Mad Studios, best and most recently known for the Need for Speed: Shift games. Indeed, though the framerate is a little suspect, the trailer for Test Drive: Ferrari shows a game that looks remarkably like Shift 2, without quite such an emphasis on shaky-cam speed vision.

Take a look at the Test Drive: Ferrari premier trailer below.


Uncanny, isn't it?

Test Drive: Ferrari was first announced last November, by European Publisher Bigben Interactive. Sharp-minded readers will recall that the last two Test Drive games -- Unlimited and Unlimited 2 -- were both published by Atari, and developed by Eden Games.

Bigben notes that it will publish the game in "most major European countries besides the United Kingdom," suggesting that a UK and US release is either coming from an as-yet-unnamed publisher, or is simply not in the cards. Given that the game is slated to release on Xbox 360, PS3, and PC on March 30, 2012, any publisher planning to step up should get the word out as soon as possible.

At the same time, with Slightly Mad Studios focusing on Test Drive: Ferrari, what will the future hold for Need for Speed: Shift? Electronic Arts has already started talking up Need for Speed's 2012 release, and after the disappointment of The Run, it had better be something special (logically, the 2012 installment should be back in the hands of Criterion Games). At this point anything is possible, but I wouldn't expect a Shift 3 from Slightly Mad Studios to be the next game out of the gate.

That's no refection on Test Drive: Ferrari, which could end up being a real gem for fans of the Italian automaker. Nothing is publicly known about the game's cars (beyond the obvious), tracks, or gameplay modes, but Slightly Mad's track record (Game Rant loved Shift 2: Unleashed) suggests that Test Drive: Ferrari could be one new sim racing game worth watching.

What do you think about the Test Drive: Ferrari premier trailer? Do you hope the game comes to North America?

Test Drive: Ferrari is scheduled to release March 30, 2011, on Xbox 360, PS3, and PC in Europe.


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Source: CVG, Joystiq

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