Tesla Cybertruck Reveal Mocked by Warframe

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Thursday night, the Tesla automotive company unveiled its latest vehicle, the iconically named Cybertruck. It has received a mixed response thus far, to say the least.  The truck features a curious design perhaps more appropriate for an idealized film depicting the future that was made in the 80s. While there's no denying the value of an all-electric truck, the vehicle's design has been met with mockery by some. It's no surprise that the gaming industry would join in on the fun, but more surprising is that Warframe Digital Extremes was first to the punch.

During Digital Extremes' most recent Devstream, live operations and community director Rebb Ford decided to share something the team was currently working on. She built up the reveal as some of the "brand new tech" the team had developed for Warframe's Railjack spacecraft. Before cutting to a short video, she introduced it as showing off the "type glass our Railjacks are reinforced with."

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The video clip shows Warframe's Vauban armor, which is able to throw mechanical orbs via its reworked Orbital Strike ability. Vauban starts to juggle the orbs as it approaches and then approaches the Railjack's "glass" window into space. As Vauban fires off the orbs, disaster strikes and the orbs break through and shatter the glass. Rebb plays up the drama and spits her drink at the mistake before cutting the video. "We'll have to work on that a little bit."

The sketch is a direct reference to one particular moment from last night's Tesla event. During the show, Elon Musk asked Tesla's chief designer Franz von Holzhausen to test the Cybertruck's shatterproof "armor glass." It goes as well as can be imagined, with the designer shattering two windows before Musk ushered Franz off-stage while saying, "Not bad. Room for improvement."

Altogether, it was a hilarious sketch from the Warframe team, executed perfectly by Rebb Ford. Clearly someone on the team saw the Cybertruck event and immediately made the connection between the Vauban Warframe and the Railjack's window, then got to work. The livestream's audience of Warframe fans certainly appreciated the meme.

Warframe is available now on Nintendo Switch, PC, PS4, and Xbox One.

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