Terry Crews Streams Overwatch for Fun


Actor Terry Crews put his love for gaming and Blizzard's franchise on display by streaming Overwatch for a brief time on Friday. The Brooklyn Nine-Nine actor has been an outspoken fan of the popular Blizzard title and has even dabbled with livestreaming on Twitch. But this particular instance, Crews used budding streaming service Caffeine to show off a little his love for Overwatch.

Unfortunately, Caffeine is still in its early infancy (pre-Alpha) and has yet to add any sort of archiving footage, so fans will not be able to enjoy seeing Crews play Overwatch just yet. We tuned in for a bit, but unfortunately Caffeine isn't yet in a stable place, and so the quality wasn't on par with other comprable services.

That being said, fans of Crews or Overwatch are encouraged to add him on the service and should he go live again they can catch a stream. That may sound like an add for Caffeine, but it’s mostly an add for Terry Crews streaming Overwatch, which should not be missed.


It’s been a delicate dance between actor Terry Crews and the Overwatch franchise, but thus far the two haven’t come together in any meaningful way. At one point there was a strong campaign, spurned on by Crews himself, to have the actor voice the character of Doomfist, should he become a playable character in Overwatch, but Blizzard has yet to pull the trigger on his addition. The devs did invite him to the studio though, which means that conversations could have taken place about the future of Overwatch and Terry Crews.

No doubt Blizzard is well aware of Crews’ ambitions to join the Overwatch voice cast and of fans desire to have him join the game in some capacity. Whether or not that will actually happen is yet to be determined.

When Orisa launched that was the last of the major character releases Blizzard had teased, and now the focus is seemingly on improving the competitive mode and rolling out new events for players to enjoy. Just this week, for example, the Overwatch Uprising event began with a new cooperative mode and tons of new skins for players to collect or spend money on.

Eventually, though, the time will come for new characters to join the Overwatch roster and we’re sure that the Doomfist rumors will surface once again. And hopefully by then Terry Crews will be as invested into streaming as he is acting.

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