Downloadable Title 'Terraria' Gearing Up For a Full Retail Release

Terraria Re-Logic Steam

Indie game developers have been storming onto the scene like wildfire over the last couple of years.  Some of the most notable, and popular, games have come from small studios with big ideas and just a little bit of money. Games like Minecraft, Super Meat Boy and Terraria.

In most cases these aren't games you are going to be able to swing by your local game retailer and pick up in physical form - since the titles are usually download only. Using a download service like Steam is normally the only way you are going to get your hands on any of these games. Well, not anymore.

With a release date set at March 16, 2012, Re-Logic will be releasing a physical version of its popular download only game, Terraria. It looks like the collector's edition will come with a few extras to sweeten the pot: an in-game pet, physical toy pick, trading cards, and a poster. While a price hasn't been stated yet, one has to wonder what kind of impact calling it a "collector's edition" will have.

With digital distribution becoming a fairly inexpensive way to get a new game to market, and successfully as far as Terraria is concerned, I can't help but wonder what effect  having a physical version on store shelves will have on sales - and what kind of marketing push will be put behind bringing awareness to the masses that have yet to play the game?

Terraria Re-Logic Cthulhu

Terraria is the type of title that can pull new gamers in. Bright, 2-D sprite based graphics, a ton of different beasties and characters as well as a destructible/buildable world, should be able to attract the casual gamer that may not even know a game like this exists. But will it? Time will tell, but seeing indie games like this hit the mass market is a good thing for the gaming industry.

Have you played Terraria? Are these extras enough to push you to by the game again? Arm yourself with your pickaxe of wisdom, dig deep, and let us know what you think.

Terraria is available now through digital download for PC and will arrive on retail shelves March 16, 2012.

Sources: Merge Games

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