Terminator: Resistance First-Person Shooter Game Announced With Trailer

terminator resistance trailer

The forthcoming Terminator movie, Terminator: Dark Fate, is set to release in less than two months, which is certain to have many fans excited. However, for those whose appetites for the world of the Terminator are not sated by Dark Fate, a recently announced video game may be just what the doctor ordered. Indeed, Terminator: Resistance has just been revealed, and it will give players a chance to participate in the war against the machines for themselves.

Terminator: Resistance is a forthcoming first-person shooter from Polish video game developer Teyon, and it will release in Europe and Australia on November 15 and in North America on December 3. To be available on PC, PS4, and Xbox One, Terminator: Resistance is set in Los Angeles in 2028, 31 years after Judgement Day, and in it players will take control of Skynet's newest target: Private Jacob Rivers.

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Rivers is a member of the Resistance Pacific Division, and in the Terminator: Resistance trailer found here, he can be seen running and gunning his way through a dystopian Los Angeles. While the Terminator: Resistance gameplay featured in this footage is certainly focused on intense action, it is not the only thing that this forthcoming FPS has to offer. More specifically, Jacobs can become a skilled hacker in Terminator: Resistance, giving players the chance to approach the game in a more subtle fashion.

Additionally, players will collect items that can be used to craft gear in Terminator: Resistance, and a skills system will allow fans to specialize Jacobs as per their preference. That said, regardless of the abilities a player may choose for Jacobs to excel in, his objective is singular: bring down Skynet. Pursuing this objective will materialize through a number of main and side quests, and Terminator: Resistance will feature multiple endings to pursue.

Terminator: Resistance is certainly not the first time that the world of the Terminator has found its way into video games, and there are actually several other examples in recent memory. For instance, the just-released Gears 5 has a playable Terminator, and the cyborg will be joining the Mortal Kombat 11 roster later this year. Without question, now is a great time to be a Terminator fan, and the announcement of Terminator: Resistance proves that once again.

Terminator: Resistance will release in Europe and Australia on November 15 and in North America on December 3 for PC, PS4, and Xbox One.

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Source: IGN

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