TERA Trailer Highlights E3 Demo

In the saturated MMO market, it’s exciting to see developers attempting to change the way gamers perceive the genre – both in terms of gameplay and player interaction. It is for this reason that upcoming MMO TERA has gamers intrigued about what impact it will leave on the genre. With a stronger focus on action similar to that of console games as well as completely new ways to interact with other players, TERA has a lot to prove.

Showcasing the game at E3 2011, developer Bluehole Studio and publisher En Masse Entertainment were on hand to give insight into one of the game’s most interesting new features. In order to change the way in which players interact with one another, they have been working to implement a political system through which, players will be able to fight for the right to be Vanarch of a region – and rule it however they please.

Following this, press were then given the opportunity to take part in a Vanarch quest to kill a BAM (Big-Ass Monster) named Sabarnak and see why TERA is touted as a “True Action Combat” game. After getting a feel for the combat and defeating the beast, it was clear that TERA doesn’t feel like a conventional MMO. With attacks requiring proper positioning and aim to pull off, at times it felt like a console action game, but due to the precision required, the combat felt extremely rewarding.

Now, following the excitement of E3, En Masse Entertainment has put together a video that highlights, not only the reveal of the game’s political system, but also the action-packed battle with the mighty Sabarnak.

Check out the new TERA trailer below:


As with the behind closed doors demo at E3, the video very clearly highlights the struggle between ruling as a benevolent Vanarch or a tyrant. While the former may not have the monetary gain of the latter, it allows the Vanarch in question to rule for longer, keeping citizens happier in the process.

It will be interesting to see how the policy point system is balanced when the game launches though. This will be the key factor in deciding whether the profitability of ruling as a tyrant will really be worth it. More than likely, the loss of policy points for committing acts like raising taxes will be rather high, forcing players to either limit their greed or risk it all, fighting massive monsters to gain the policy points – to keep them afloat as Vanarch.

This dynamic will force players to balance out their reign as Vanarch – as too much greed will result in a quick loss of power. Players will have to be smart about how they approach all situations while ruling, lest all their hard work go to waste.

Whether you’re excited about the implementation of a fully-functional political system or gameplay that is reminiscent of strong console action titles while still retaining the rewarding feeling of an MMO, TERA looks to be doing a lot in order to shape how players look at a new breed in the genre. It is for this reason that it’s no surprise that the title was nominated for Game Rant’s Best MMO of E3.

What new feature of TERA are you most excited about? What do you think of the political system?

TERA is set to hit shelves later in 2011 for the PC.