'TERA' Halloween Trailer Shows Off Sinister Enemies

TERA Halloween Trailer

With BlizzCon having just recently come to an end after giving gamers a look at the brand new expansion for Blizzard's behemoth of an MMO, World Of Warcraft, excitement has died down enough for other upcoming MMOs to show off their own immersive worlds. One such game is the beautiful, action-focused TERA.

Coming from developer Bluehole Studio, TERA looks like it could be a solid contender in the coming wave of high-profile MMO releases. While it will be up against games like Star Wars: The Old Republic, Guild Wars 2 and Blizzard's aforementioned genre icon, TERA's focus on a more action-oriented combat systems, as well as its in-depth political system, will help to set it apart.

As with any other successful MMO though, the game is nothing without a detailed, immersive world to explore and TERA doesn't look to disappoint. While gamers have only really gotten a look at the more traditional fantasy side of the game's world, like in the TERA E3 trailer, publisher En Masse Entertainment has put together a new trailer to celebrate the quickly approaching Halloween season and show off some of the game's darker locales and creatures. Check it out below!


Even though this new trailer doesn't show any gameplay and instead retells one of the famous tales of the Brothers Grimm, it still allows gamers to see TERA's darker side, namely a bird-like figure shrouded in shadows and the witch that the story focuses on. While both are typical fantasy fare, the witch is particularly interesting, due in part to her Gothic styling. With most glimpses of the game being filled with bright landscapes and colorful creatures, it's great to see that there will be enemies who would be just as welcome in a horror game.

These new creatures, coupled with similarly dark and twisted landscapes, will do a lot to keep the game's content fresh upon release. No matter how beautiful a rolling hillside looks, without variety, it will quickly lose its appeal. As such, it's great to see that TERA will have this variety in its landscapes and creatures which will no doubt complement the strong art style on display. Having just recently received a release date, hopefully gamers will be getting some more in-depth looks at the various facets of TERA.

Do you like the style that Bluehole Studio put into the horror themed area and creatures shown in this new trailer? Do you think TERA will have what it takes to compete with all the upcoming MMO giants?

TERA is set to release in the spring of 2012 on PC.

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