Even More of Telltale's Staff Has Been Laid Off

After a devastating mass layoff, Telltale Games has terminated at least one team in Telltale's remaining crew. The original layoff consisted of over 200 people, none of which received any kind of compensation following their termination. There was no severance pay, and only about a week's worth of health care.

The news that more of Telltale's staff had been laid off came from Rachel Noel, one of the people left on the so-called skeleton crew that made up Telltale's staff after September's layoffs. The small amount of employees left over were supposed to be working on projects that the team was contractually obligated to complete, but it seems likely that those projects - like The Walking Dead's Final Season - may not see the light of day.

Noel tweeted that the crew had been laid off, sticking around to clarify a few things afterwards. The most notable bit of additional information comes from a later tweet where Noel confirms that neither she nor any of the other employees received any sort of severance pay.

While the initial assumption was that the remainder of Telltale Games' crew had been fired, Rachel followed up later tonight with a clarification. According to her, there are still "good people" working at Telltale that haven't been fired just yet. Noel's team is no longer working with the company, although there's currently no indication of exactly what her team was working on, or how large it was.

Noel offered no insight on what this meant for the future of Telltale, but all signs lead to a grim future for the company - and any of its partners. With its already extremely small team being axed further, it's difficult to imagine them creating much of any content going forward. Considering how quickly the studio has been hemorrhaging employees, fans shouldn't have to wait much longer to see how Telltale ends up.

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