Telltale Games has already shown up in support for the Nintendo Switch. The episodic games developer announced plans to release Minecraft: Story Mode on the platform at some point in 2017. But it seems that this is not the only game that it is planning to bring to the platform.

That’s according to a recent job listing by the company. Telltale Games is looking for a “Nintendo Compliance Specialist” who will be an “in-house expert” on Nintendo platform requirements and will work closely with the engineering teams and project managers to “diagnose software and hardware issues and verify execution of solutions.” They will also be working to set the “highest standards” for bug discovery as well as ensuring that games for Nintendo platforms reach “internal standards.” Experience with the Nintendo Wii U and the Nintendo Switch is “ideal.”

The Telltale listing has raised a few eyebrows, as it suggests that the developer is committed to supporting the Nintendo Switch long-term. It also follows recent comments that the company is “big fans” of the Nintendo Switch, that the platform is “kind of perfect” for what Telltale does, and that the developer hopes to “continue things” on the console.

Telltale Announces Batman's Second Season, Enemy Within

Moreover, retail listings from earlier this year pointed to a Nintendo Switch release for Telltale’s Batman and Guardians of the Galaxy. Although no concrete announcement has been made, multiple retailers had those titles penned for a Switch port, meaning that a release really is on the cards or that this is just one highly suspicious coincidence.

Since that retail leak, a second season of Telltale’s Batman has been announced called The Enemy Within. It’s unclear whether both seasons could be released on the Switch at the same time, but if it does make it to the platform, perhaps they will be included together as some sort of bundle package.

If Telltale really is preparing to ramp up its Nintendo Switch efforts, then fans of the developer’s episodic games will hope that it at least takes the time to reconsider its pricing in the future. Nintendo Switch owners were less than pleased when it was revealed that Minecraft: Story Mode would cost more on the Switch than it would on the other platforms it is already available on. The fact that it followed in the footsteps of RIME, another game with a higher price on the Switch, only fanned the flames of controversy further.

And although Telltale will just be setting prices in accordance with its development costs, pricing its Switch ports too highly could be a risky move. If players are to consider the Switch version over a release on another platform, the price will need to be similar. Without that, many will opt for the cheaper version, diminishing sales of the Switch port and making Telltale’s investment worthless.

Telltale Game‘s Batman: The Enemy Within Episode One is available now for PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One, with Android and iOS devices receiving support later this year, including a possible Nintendo Switch port in the future.

Source: Indeed