TellTale to Announce Five New Games, Possibly 'Walking Dead' Adaptation

TellTale Games Walking Dead Event

Fans of TellTale Games have had a lot to get excited over this past month. Not only did gamers see the release of the first episode in their Back to the Future saga, but they also got their first look at the developer’s interpretation of the Jurassic Park series.

If you thought TellTale was going to stop there, you would be dead wrong, as the company has announced a forthcoming event where they are rumored to be shedding some light on five  multi-platform projects, one of which could be based on a popular comic franchise.

As part of a media event invitation 1UP shared, one of the five titles TellTale is going to be talking about is a new project based on a “just-launched property from the TV and comic book world whose popularity is changing life as some know it." Some might be quick to speculate that this is a game based on The Walking Dead, others might…who are we kidding, it has to be The Walking Dead.

Falling right in line with TellTale’s proclivity for story over action — as indicated by their other titlesThe Walking Dead isn’t so much about zombie killing, but the lives of survivors amidst a zombie outbreak. For those who might be expecting something akin to Left 4 Dead only with Walking Dead characters, you will most likely be a little bit disappointed.

Though TellTale will most assuredly capture the atmosphere of the series (just look at how well they recreated Hill Valley for Back to the Future), one line that they might struggle to toe is the inherent differences between the TV show and the comic. As is the case with most comic adaptations, the TV series had to adjust/remove various plot points or elements in order to make the storytelling more compelling to the viewer.

Likewise, TellTale is going to need to adapt The Walking Dead into something that wouldn’t bore the gamer. Based on their pedigree and the fact that The Walking Dead is extremely popular right now, it’s hard to not see this game as a success.

Speculation is free to run rampant on what the other new projects might be as TellTale has a large wish list of projects gamers want to see from the developer. With both adaptations in production, what is certain is that Game Rant will bring you news on each and every game TellTale announces on February 17th.

Does a TellTale game that adapts The Walking Dead sound like something you would be interested in playing? What other titles (adaptations or sequels) would you like to see them announce in February?

Source: 1UP

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