TellTale Games Teases Game Starring Familiar Faces

TellTale Games

TellTale Games has released a short, and by short I mean very short, video teasing an announcement on September 2nd. Speculation should run rampant as the detectives of the game news industry attempt to find clues within every frame of the 22 second video.

Before we take our shot in the dark, take a look:

Included in the teaser are the silhouettes of two stars of TellTale Games' past: StrongBad and Max, one part of the Sam and Max duo. What is more interesting is the inclusion of the notable silhouettes of Team Fortress 2’s Heavy and Tycho from Penny Arcade Adventures. Most important about the inclusion of these two icons of non-TellTale Games is that they appear to be holding a set of playing cards. So far, based on what can be decoded from the video, the assumption is that TellTale is working on a poker game that will allow players to inhabit the persona of one of these, and likely many more video game characters.

TellTale has always been a developer known for creating unique experiences that play to a more offbeat sensibility, especially with Sam and Max. We found their most recent game Puzzle Agent to be a mind-boggling puzzler with a unique and foreboding storyline. Why they are choosing to take one leap backward with a poker game doesn’t make much sense but until the game is officially announced and shown we can’t judge based on limited information.

Recently TellTale has been in the business of developing games based after popular media franchises with both a Back to the Future game and a Jurassic Park game in the works. While both film franchises are near and dear to my hearts I would much rather prefer TellTale stick to the unique experiences they create, but the prospect of riding a hoverboard does get me excited.

Though we wont know for sure until September 2nd, TellTale will be hard pressed to reveal any details about the game, and you can rest assured that as soon as any news breaks Game Rant will be on the scene to report it.

What do you think of this pre-announcement announcement Ranters? Would you play anything that mixed up these eclectic characters or are you skeptical of it being a poker game? Let us know in the comments below.

Source: GameTrailers

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