Telltale Games Hints at 'Super Secret Surprise Announcements' [Updated]

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You might well think that Telltale Games has enough on their plate, with The Walking Dead and The Wolf Among Us rounding out their seasons earlier in the year, and Tales From the Borderlands and Game of Thrones just getting started — but it seems that the developer has more to show off, and soon.

Job Stauffer, Telltale's Director of PR, took to Twitter last night to tease what he described as "super secret surprise announcements." However, fans won't have to wait too long to see what he's hinting at — he went on to suggest that we might be able to expect a reveal today.

Stauffer didn't give us much more to go on than that, but he did hint that the announcement would relate to a collaboration between Telltale and another developer, and that it's not directly related to any of the studios output in 2014.

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The studio has plenty of experience working with other developers, with their twist on the Borderlands franchise being only the most recent example. Their Poker Night at the Inventory games see characters from games by different studios come together for a friendly game of cards, and the fact that Stauffer specifies that this announcement is unrelated to anything in 2014 might suggest that we might be about to see a third entry in the series.

However, that's not the only option on the table. With Jurassic World releasing next year, it could well be that Telltale are making a return to Isla Nublar following their 2011 effort Jurassic Park: The Game. This could potentially be groundbreaking for the studio, as while their TV series adaptations have run alongside their source material, their movie adaptations to date have typically come some two decades after the film.

At present, this is all speculation — we could well be about to see something completely new from Telltale, in a partnership with a completely unexpected developer. The worry for fans will be that the studio is stretching itself too thin, with two series ongoing at the moment and another two expected to return for a new season in the new year.

Telltale is rather notorious for the uneven release schedule of individual episodes of their series — as well as their reputation for releasing buggy games. The more projects the 180-person developer takes on, the easier it is for quality to be sacrificed in favor of quantity (and release dates tied to licensed properties) — and that would be a shame, considering the plaudits Telltale has received in recent years.

[Update: Telltale Games is working with Mojang to make a Minecraft game! Details shortly.]

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