TellTale Games, creator of the Sam and Max series, have unveiled their latest title, Puzzle Agent – an adventure puzzle game similar to the DS title Professor Layton – coming June 2010 to PC and WiiWare.

Developed in collaboration with the artist Graham Annable and revealed as part of TellTale’s new ‘Pilot Program’ – a scheme designed to unleash the truly weird and wacky game concepts that the folks at TellTale have for us – Puzzle Agent tells the story of Nelson Tether, the sole agent in the FBI’s Puzzle Investigation Division. Tether is sent to Scoggins, Minnesota, to investigate the strange closing of the town’s local eraser factory and, this being a TellTale game, hilarity (and fiendishly difficult puzzles) ensues.

Much like the aforementioned Professor Layton, the bulk of Puzzle Agent requires you to wander the town, speak to the locals, and attempt to build some cohesive reason as to what has happened to the town’s eraser factory. In the demo shown by TellTale, Tether was given the task of figuring out which of the three ladies before him won an arm-wrestling competition, simply by listening to their clues and deciphering the truth. A maximum of three hints were available, each cleverly tied to chewing gum pieces scattered throughout the world. Much like the coin system in the Layton games, the chewing gum help Tether’s mental ability and a hint appears from nowhere. Pretty neat, if I do say so myself.

Below is the only available trailer for the title so far and whilst there’s not a whole lot shown, it manages to convey the quirkiness typical of TellTale games, and Annable’s art style proves to be something interesting and unique – certainly not something I think I’ve seen before!

Lord knows I love me some Professor Layton, and I haven’t yet played a TellTale game that I didn’t enjoy, so I’m definitely looking forward to more news on Puzzle Agent. The unusual art style and puzzle-solving mechanics seem like something I may eventually end up falling in love with – P.B. Winterbottom, I’m looking at you.

What do you think of the newly announced Puzzle Agent? Are you a fan of the adventure puzzle genre? Let us know in the comments below.

Puzzle Agent will be arriving on WiiWare and PC sometime in June 2010. Check back next week for more updates as they come!

Source: Destructoid