Over the course of last year, TellTale Games mined a fairly unique position for itself with The Walking Dead. While it was previously a respectable developer with a string of minor successes and licensed properties to its name, it wasn’t until the company told the story of Lee and Clementine that the developers clicked emotionally with a broad audience. Proving that there was a hunger for a choice based narrative on the modern market, fans everywhere started throwing out all kinds of franchises that they would love to see TellTale take-on. The developers finally landed on the Fables IP and have just released the wonderful first episode of The Wolf Among Us.

In a chat over at Reddit, studio co-founders Dan Connors and Kevin Bruner have stirred the pot by suggesting that they are working on a new licensed franchise. The creators called it a “dream IP” and they couldn’t wait to announce it. That will certainly keep fans guessing for at least a while. With TellTale releasing the rest of The Wolf Among Us and working on the newly revealed Walking Dead Season 2, it probably is a fair guess fans won’t be hearing about the mystery IP until at least E3. That should be plenty of time for gamers to wildly speculate every IP under the sun’s chance to get the TellTale treatment.

Star Wars TellTale Game

Continuing in the conversation on Reddit, Bruners did take the on the question of which IP he would love to tackle at some point and it seems he is desperate to go to a galaxy far, far away:

“Coming from LucasArts we have so many people here that love Star Wars and have worked with the license so that would be a great fit and very cool”

There are sure to be a large number of fans who are salivating at the idea of TellTale getting their mits on a narrative driven Star Wars game. There is plenty of potential to tell a worthwhile story in that universe and TellTale would certainly have a good shake at it, but fans shouldn’t be holding their breath just yet. There are many hoops to jump through to make it happen as EA now have control of the rights to Star Wars games.

That doesn’t mean a deal couldn’t be struck but with DICE working on Star Wars: Battlefront and Bioware generating content for Star Wars: The Old Republic, it is likely EA will focus on building those titles first before trying to expand on the video game license. Plus with these new dream IPs, The Walking Dead: Season 2 and the rest of The Wold Among Us, it isn’t likely that TellTale games will be pining for more work anytime soon.

What would you like to see TellTale take on next? Would you love to see a Star Wars TellTale game?

Source: Reddit