A recent series of social media exchanges between Telltale Games and a Mr. Robot Twitter account causes gamers to speculate a partnership may be forthcoming.

When video game fans are asked to think of their favorite narrative-based games in recent years, it’s a relatively safe bet to assume that many of them will cite at least one title developed by Telltale Games. The impressive video game studio has been responsible for some of the most engaging and thought-provoking content produced in recent years, and has garnered a reputation as a team of developers willing to push the envelope of the increasingly important IPs they are tasked with exploring.

Luckily for Telltale, most of the franchises it has been given have been ones like The Walking Dead, a world that is receptive to the kind of gritty and complex story-telling that the studio loves to inject into its games. Perhaps it is for that reason – a bleak, often unfair setting rife with emotional turmoil – that Telltale may have chosen its next partnership, as rumors have quickly begun to surface regarding the possibility of a Mr. Robot game being developed. The catalyst of this news is Telltale’s Twitter and Facebook accounts, which recently shared two posts about an “E-Corp Messaging” app that is a tie-in to the Mr. Robot universe.

Both of the teasers Telltale shared date back to last month, so the timing is interesting, but it’s also possible the studio was simply a bit busy heading into the release of Batman: The Telltale Series Episode 1. The fact that Telltale, alongside Night School Studio, developers of Oxenfree, both follow the “@ecorpmessaging” Twitter account is definitely a signal that something is going on. Details at the time are quite vague and it’s entirely possible that Telltale and Night School are simply involved in the development of the new E-Corp Messaging app, but it’s worth keeping an eye on.

In entertaining these rumors, however, Mr. Robot is exactly the kind of series that would benefit from Telltale Games’ now hyper-refined take on episodic gaming content. The twist and turns that have characterized Mr. Robot‘s first two seasons make for excellent cliff-hanger material, even if Telltale decided to depart from the main narrative the way it has in the past with The Walking Dead and Tales From the Borderlands.

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While it may seem innocuous so far, the fact that so many fans have immediately jumped on board should make Telltale Games at least consider a partnership with Mr. Robot if one isn’t already happening. A studio that can seemingly do no wrong and a hot, unique television property is exactly the kind of marriage that video game fans deserve to enjoy.

Would you play a Mr. Robot game developed by Telltale? What other properties should the studio be looking into now that the Batman series has begun its release schedule? Let us know in the comments below.

Source: Telltale Games Twitter (via Dualshockers)