TellTale Games Brings Marty and Doc Character Art 'Back to the Future'

Back to the Future Marty McFly Doc Brown Character Art

Having just released the final entry in the recent Sam & Max adventure series, The Devil's Playhouse, you'd think that TellTale Games would put their feet up and take a well-deserved break. Fortunately for the gaming population, that's not the case. Earlier today, USA Today revealed the brand new character designs for Marty McFly and Doc Brown in TellTale Games' upcoming episodic adventure series, Back to the Future.

Revealed earlier this year, not much is yet known of the Back to the Future game's final plot. We know of the four possibilities that were presented to the community, but as far as which one was chosen, that's anybody's guess. Personally, I had a soft spot for the one set in 2010 -- Biff Tannen as an enforcer of the law, a stolen Time Train, and hilarious pop culture references would make Back to the Future my Game of the Year 2010.

But there were always nagging questions in the back of my mind; How would Marty and Doc look? Would they be voiced by the actors that made them famous (Michael J. Fox and Christopher Lloyd respectively)? Will the game be as good as the films? Thanks to the USA Today article, some of those fears can be put to rest:

  • According to the USA Today article, the plot is being developed with Bob Gale, screenwriter of the Back to the Future movies, hopefully indicating that the writing will be as witty as ever (of course, combined with the talent at TellTale, this should've been a no-brainer).
  • Doc Brown will be voiced by the only main suitable for the job, Christopher Lloyd, but there's no word yet on whether Michael J. Fox will be able to take up the role of Marty McFly again.
  • Finally, the character designs for Marty and Doc are pictured below:

Admittedly, I'm not so sure about Doc Brown's character design. Sure, Marty looks pretty cool (and similar enough to Michael J. Fox), but Doc looks a little odd. Maybe it's the dark, sunken eyes that seem to pierce into your soul, or maybe it's the way his skin looks like it's been dead for at least a month... either way, something doesn't look quite right.

How about you, readers? Are you excited for the Back to the Future video game? Do you like the new Marty and Doc character designs? Let us know in the comments below.

Back to the Future will likely be available on the Xbox Live Arcade, PSN and PC platforms, sometime in 2011.

Source: USA Today

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